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Debt Relief Orders were only introduced as recently as 2009. And yet, they have already firmly established themselves as an efficient alternative to the time-consuming, expensive, complicated and psychologically wearing procedure of a traditional bankruptcy.

4 Comments Guest on Feb 15th 2013

The following is a guest post by Frank Collins. Most people run into financial difficulty at one time or another, when the money they have just does not stretch far enough to pay for all of the bills and expenses. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for these difficult times to snowball especially during more difficult […]

17 Comments Guest on Sep 1st 2011

The following is a guest post by Debt Advisory Line. It wasn’t always this easy to get into debt. In today’s world, as you may know from personal experience, you can literally walk into any department store, pick out a large screen TV of your liking, charge it on your credit card and subsequently wind […]

16 Comments Guest on May 1st 2011

The role of advertising on the Internet is changing. With the rising power of Google and the role of links in determining placement in the search results, a growing number of companies are seeking to buy their way up the rankings by purchasing links on other websites. The problem with purchasing links in order to […]

39 Comments Kevin on Jun 23rd 2010