Recommended Reading


Ludwig von Mises Institute
With engaging and often controversial articles, the Mises Institute presents an alternative to the sometimes dogmatic mainstream view of economics. Interest in the institute has increased greatly since the 2008 credit crunch.


Start Freelancing Now
Can anyone become a freelancer? MD seems to think so. This site is a recommended read for anyone looking to invest in themselves. 
Cupcake Makeover
A very cute website for unique printable cupcake toppers and wrappers. A rich resource to plan your themed party.


101 Centavos
Unequal parts personal finance, gardening, penny mining stocks, travel, and home cooking – “I don’t want to just make a peso, I want to make a hundred and one centavos”
20s Money: Online Income
20s Money – How bullish is your future? Learn about building income streams, investing, and sound personal finance, as well as about the economic and political climate of our times.
Canadian Finance Blog
The Canadian source for personal finance.
Celebrate Financial Freedom
Celebrate financial freedom by applying biblical principles to your personal financial situation.
Everyday Tips and Thoughts…
Personal finance, healthy living, and money saving tips for everyday life, with a few thoughts thrown in too!
Every Peso Counts
Become rich with a rich mindset.
Finance Wand
A site about personal finance, bankruptcy, budgeting, and business.
First Gen American
Sandy writes passionate and humourous posts about personal finance and life, inspired by her mom Babci.
Frugal Zeitgeist
Frugal Zeitgest is about embracing minimalism in finance and in one’s lifestyle. Forest has been practicing what he preaches and living an independent lifestyle for a few years now. Learn how to cut out some of the waste in your own life and life a healthier, more care-free lifestyle.
Hope to Prosper
Hope to Prosper is about simple practices that lead to wealth.
My Own Advisor
This blog is about Financial Cents’s path to financial independence, by learning finance for himself and being his own advisor. With a Canadian perspective on the markets and on finance, his blog is a highly recommended read.
My Personal Finance Journey
My Personal Finance Journey – Personal Finance, Intelligent Investing, And Frugal Living Tips.
One Cent at a Time
The getting ahead blog.
A personal finance blog about saving money, banking, credit cards, stock investing, and brokerages.
Retire by 40
Chronicling Joe’s journey to Retire By 40.
Sustainable Personal Finance
Balancing financial goals with our ethics and morals regarding sustainable living.
Young & Thrifty
Saving Generation Y: Y&T blogs about many fascinating topics and gives us the unique perspective of someone blogging from Vancouver, Canada.


Fitness Spotlight: 30 Day Detox Challenge
This is another interesting blog that challenges the reader to commit to life-changing improvements in order to improve their health and quality of life.
Mark’s Daily Apple
Mark’s blog is about “primal living in the modern world'; basically, it explores a different style of living that is closer to our genetic roots, and possibly healthier for us as well.


Andrew Hallam
This is a great blog on the 3M investment club’s journey in beating the S&P 500 index over time. With Warren Buffet as their inspiration and the S&P 500 as their benchmark, Andrew Hallam offers wise advice on why one should not pay high fees to fund managers and he exposes many of the common ways that people end up paying far too much in managing their money. A highly recommended read!
Beating the Index
This is a blog about DIY investing in the energy sector.  It’s a great place to learn about investing in oil and gas stocks.
Canadian Oil Stocks
Visit this site to learn more about the top Canadian oil stocks.
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Investor
Robert has spent over 30 years managing money both on the institutional side as well as for individuals. He believes that when it comes to portfolio growth, individuals are best served by using a low cost, low turnover index fund approach for their investments. In his opinion, advisors with high fees are eating away at their clients’ nest eggs and, thereby, their ability to retire. His “teaching a man to fish” approach has helped people save money and increase their wealth, and his blog is well worth paying a visit.Dividend stocksThe Canadian source for personal finance.
Oil and Gas ETFs
Discover the best oil ETFs, natural gas ETFs, inverse or leveraged energy ETFs for investing or trading. 
REIT Report
The REIT Report is the number 1 news information hub for Canada’s real estate investment trusts. REIT Investors will also love the dynamic stocks list where they can filter Canadian REIT Stocks by price, yield and performance
The Passive Income Earner
The Passive Income Earner is all about building wealth to retire on passive income and providing a Canadian perspective on personal finance and investing. If you are looking for great advice on building passive income, then here is the place to go!


Let A Thousand Nations Bloom
“…democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried…” – Winston Churchill. Let A Thousand Nations Bloom is about exploring what lies beyond democracy and how competition can improve governance, via a “Cambrian explosion in government.”
Seasteading Institute
The Seasteading Institute is a non-profit organization with the “mission of furthering the establishment of permanent, autonomous ocean communities”. With significant funding coming from Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, they are getting closer to the day where a real seastead can be launched in the oceans.
The Biz of Life
Freedom and economic empowerment. Follow the Grouch as he comments on economics, investing, and his thoughts on the times.

An interesting site about revolutionary trends in technology and accelerating intelligence.
Learn OpenGL ES
This site teaches you how to develop games and apps using OpenGL ES on Android and WebGL.
The Foresight Institute
This blog takes a look at trends in technology, focusing on nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, and applies them to the problems facing our world today.
The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
The SIAI looks at the opportunities and risks of powerful artificial intelligence.

There are no paid links in the above resources. These are websites that I truly believe can help in maximizing your life EV. All requests to update this list are welcome; I can be contacted through the contact page on this website.