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The following is the first post by staff writer Crystal Stemberger. Please join me in welcoming her to the site! Entrepreneurship is all the rage online right now. It’s either being proclaimed the future for everyone or a sneaky goal that can bite you in the butt. No matter what your opinion, the fact is […]

24 Comments Budgeting in the Fun Stuff on Sep 17th 2012

Status Report I’m now in the eighth month of entrepreneurship – my, how time flies by! Much has improved over the past few months, and at the same time, I have also sobered up a bit to my new reality. It’s been three months since the last report;  I’m sure you’re all curious as to how […]

20 Comments Kevin on Sep 7th 2012

The following guest post is by Dominique Brown. What an interesting title. When you click this post I’m pretty damn sure you were thinking, “What the heck is Dom talking about?” Why would European waitresses love fat, overweight and overconfident Americans? You see the answer is rather simple but interesting. I’ve never been to Europe before, […]

15 Comments Guest on Sep 5th 2012

I’m now in my fifth month of entrepreneurship, and things are going well so far. I’m really happy with some areas, and not too happy with some other areas. Well, life is a learning experience, right? First, a summary of what I’m happy with, and where I need to improve things: The good stuff I’m […]

58 Comments Kevin on Jun 11th 2012

Some of you have been waiting for it, and here it is! I left a sinking ship a couple of months ago, and I have been sailing away in my own direction since then. Has it been easy? Nope. Has it been challenging? Yep. Has it been fun? Hell yes! That’s not to say that […]

65 Comments Kevin on Apr 2nd 2012

I recently received a question from Rachel, a reader here at Invest It Wisely, and with her permission I am publishing the question here so we can get feedback from fellow readers and bloggers. Rachel is concerned about her mom’s retirement. Her mother is self-employed and has no other relatives to lean on other than […]

11 Comments Kevin on Mar 21st 2012

The following is a guest post by fellow blogger My Money Design. As a homeowner you know that the price of any home repair or project, no matter how small, can be outrageous! As a result, some of us opt to brave these tasks ourselves. But even though the journey may start out because we’re […]

15 Comments Guest on Mar 9th 2012

Why do you need spare cash to cover emergencies? Won’t the government take care of you? Aren’t there others watching out for you? Well, not always. Today, just like at every point in history, the person most motivated to care about you is yourself, and sometimes, a bit of spare cash can make a world […]

25 Comments Kevin on Feb 29th 2012

The following is a post by staff writer Teacher Man. This is his first post for Invest It Wisely; please join me in welcoming him to the site! There has recently been a spate of articles on the internet about how jealous people are of public sector “gold-plated pensions” in Canada. I’m fairly certain that […]

34 Comments Teacher Man on Feb 27th 2012

The following is a guest post by Tino, a lottery blogger. The pursuit of happiness. The American dream. It usually involves money. Lots of it. Yep, we associate money with a great life. Do you dream about being rich? I know I do. But, you know what P. Diddy says about money? He says, “mo […]

6 Comments Guest on Feb 17th 2012

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