Hi, I’m Kevin. I started Invest It Wisely back in 2010, around the same time as my good buddy Mich started his site, Beating the Index. Things have now come full circle and as I have gone more into the world of software development, I have passed over full control of Invest It Wisely over to him. Mich is passionate about personal finance and investing, especially in the oil & gas sector, and I am really happy that he has decided to carry the torch forwards.

More about Mich

Hi, I’m Mich. I love to write about personal finance and investing from many angles. I believe that the path towards financial freedom runs through home ownership. Obviously, it is a challenging milestone since this is the biggest chunk of debt families face in life. But it is doable and there are many ways to build wealth and pay down the mortgage. But life is not all about money, it is about relationships, raising healthy kids and living life without looking back to past regrets.

More about Kevin

I’m (still) a fairly young guy, though I’m no longer a recent university graduate. I grew up with a mixed experience in personal finance; I didn’t know much about finance or managing money, and I often found myself in over my head with car payments, rent, and other expenses. I would work up to 120 hours during the month while attending school full-time, yet I wasn’t earning much and I was slowly going deeper into debt.

I became significantly more interested in the field of finance following the credit crunch of 2008. I wanted to learn more about why things had gotten so bad, and in the process,  I began to see another way of doing things and of living life; it was like receiving a red pill. Since I started out, I have learned so much from you guys, my fellow readers, and I’ve built up some great relationships with my fellow bloggers. I’ve even gained enough confidence to take a leap of faith and quit my job, so that I could start building my own software business.

As my software business started to take off, I decided that I needed to go all-in and focus my attention on that, and I have thus entered a new phase of my journey through life. I believe that the site is in great hands with Mich, and my goal with Invest It Wisely continues to be one of learning and experience. I believe that we live in a world of great change, and that we can navigate the storms more successfully if we continue to strive toward financial freedom and independence.

I hope that Invest It Wisely proves valuable to you and increases your personal expected value of life.