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There’s no doubt that point of sale systems can help you reach your profit targets faster because of all the integrated solutions it brings to the equation. A really good system can save you money in the short and long term because of the added efficiency of operating one in your store. Sales are rung […]

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As mentioned in a few of my older posts, diversification has always been the key to success of any financial portfolio. It’s important to diversify because several sectors in the global economy will move asynchronously in cycles experiencing downsides. Gold and silver both do not move along with other investments, making them the perfect assets for […]

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For first time home buyers, this age old question has probably reared its head one time or another. Single detached family home or high rise condo? This question slammed right into me (literally) when I was walking down the street looking at a condo for sale in downtown Montreal with a buddy of mine. The […]

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For most people, a home is the biggest single purchase that they will ever make. When you are in the early days of home ownership, and you are simply excited to have your name on the deed, paying the mortgage each month doesn’t feel like a burden. In fact, it can almost be exciting knowing […]

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Certain purchases in life are inevitable. Without food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities, life gets rather unpleasant rather quickly. However, just because we need certain items and services doesn’t mean we have to overspend on them. And when we overspend on needs and also overspend on wants, one’s financial picture starts looking a bit bleak. […]

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Even when you have bad credit, there are ways to obtain the funds that you need. For most of these options you do need a steady job and a valid checking account. The interest rates on these types of loans are typically higher due to the increased risk the lender is taking to extend the […]

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Are you thinking of buying a Condo? It’s a big commitment, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Getting your mortgage approved may well seem like the most difficult step on the road to your dream home, but amidst finding the best mortgage rates don’t forget a few tips in order to avoid potential pitfalls. So you took […]

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Auto insurance is a necessary expense whether you own or lease a car.  In Canada, in order to drive a vehicle the law requires you to have valid car insurance. It provides you and others with financial protection against traffic accidents and any resulting liability. Insuring your car can be costly depending on your coverage […]

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The biggest shopping weekend of the year is creeping closer by the day. While Consumer Reports recommends signing up to receive special offers and alerts by email from your favorite retailers, that alone won’t get you everything you want this holiday season. Take some time to check out the best ways to have a triumphant […]

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Choosing a forex broker that best suits your needs as a trader is not that difficult if you take a few tips in consideration. These tips represent a number of questions you need to answer in order to narrow down your choices before you make that decision to sign up. Regulation Before comparing broker pricing […]

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