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There is an old joke about a guy who has money to invest, but has no idea where to put it. The guy visits the famous wise man, asking him about what to invest in. The wise man tells him: Invest either in grains or in woods. When the guy asks why, the wise one […]

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Investment is an important part of your future security. If you’re reading this, you likely already understand this. But chances are, you’ve got friends and loved ones who don’t. Most people don’t invest at all, or do so at levels that will never allow them to retire. If you know someone like this, it can […]

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As mentioned in a few of my older posts, diversification has always been the key to success of any financial portfolio. It’s important to diversify because several sectors in the global economy will move asynchronously in cycles experiencing downsides. Gold and silver both do not move along with other investments, making them the perfect assets for […]

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Choosing a forex broker that best suits your needs as a trader is not that difficult if you take a few tips in consideration. These tips represent a number of questions you need to answer in order to narrow down your choices before you make that decision to sign up. Regulation Before comparing broker pricing […]

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Investing is an important way to build savings for the future. Investing is not always simple. There are many things to consider when trying to maximize returns and reduce risk like an international money transfer while oversees. Several tips will help you to start investing after graduating or after getting a first job. Contribute To […]

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Many people invest their money online. They do this because it is easy and it is a safe way to grow your retirement savings. There are many online trading sites that are trustworthy. These online sites are also designed for the average investor. You do not have to be a sophisticated stockbroker to be able […]

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Times are hard for savers and investors at the moment. Interest rates have been incredibly low for some time now, and people are being punished for looking after their money. However, instead of leaving your capital at the mercy of high street savings accounts, it may be time to invest in a VCT. What is […]

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 Canadians get a big break when we sell our homes. Complaining about taxes is almost a sport in Canada, especially when we look to our U.S. neighbours for comparisons. But there are some areas in which we actually win the tax race, and one of these is our Principal Residence Exemption provision. Americans, for example, […]

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There are so many things that affect the stock market, some of which may be obvious, while others are not quite so visible.  Typically, any movement in oil prices, inflation rates, employment rates or interest rates will affect the stock market. Additionally, wars, company mergers, company buy outs, bad company reports and natural disasters affect […]

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Trading can be a highly stressful environment and it is one that is fraught with risk. Many people earn substantial amounts through trading, but there are numerous risks too. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely eliminate these risks but, there are several ways that you can manage and minimise them. Binary Options are one of […]

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