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The following is a guest post. When you plan for the future, one of your primary concerns is obviously saving enough money to live comfortably into retirement.  However, the road to retirement is a long one to travel, and sometimes unexpected events can happen while on the journey.  As a result, you are better off [...]

3 Comments Mich on Jul 10th 2013

While the financial struggle is an everlasting battle for all of us, some seem to cope better than the others. We all have our own secret weapons in this struggle to make ends meet. And yet, as surprising as it sounds, one of the leading causes of insolvency is medical debt. For example, in Australia, [...]

1 Comment Mich on Jun 17th 2013

With so many more cars on the road today than even twenty years ago, road traffic accident claims are on the increase. The pace of modern living is hectic; our motorways are chock-a-block, and with people in a constant hurry to get from A to B, daily accidents are almost the norm in some parts [...]

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If you’ve ever looked at or considered life insurance, you’ve probably quickly become overwhelmed by all the choices. There are so many different types of policies with so many other little options; it can quickly turn from a no-brainer choice to get life insurance, to giving up because you don’t know what to do. And [...]

8 Comments Guest on Jul 13th 2012