Tips for Saving on Car Insurance

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Car insurance is an important purchase, despite the perception that it’s a just another mandatory expense: in the event of an accident, you’ll realize why almost every jurisdiction requires it. However, just because it’s required by law doesn’t mean it has to be so expensive. There are several steps you can take to find the… [Read More]

Figuring Out Auto Insurance


Auto insurance is a necessary expense whether you own or lease a car.  In Canada, in order to drive a vehicle the law requires you to have valid car insurance. It provides you and others with financial protection against traffic accidents and any resulting liability. Insuring your car can be costly depending on your coverage… [Read More]

What to Do in the Event of a Road Accident


With so many more cars on the road today than even twenty years ago, road traffic accident claims are on the increase. The pace of modern living is hectic; our motorways are chock-a-block, and with people in a constant hurry to get from A to B, daily accidents are almost the norm in some parts… [Read More]