How Much Do You Pay in Payroll and Income Taxes? Here’s an Overview of Canada’s Income and Payroll Taxes for 2012, by Province


I’m going to have to pay myself a salary soon, and I’ve been learning a lot about the different taxes that one has to pay, both on the employer and the employee side of the equation! Canada has always been known for having a relatively high level of taxation, but as I’ll soon show you,… [Read More]

Comparative Advantage: I Hired Two Fellow Bloggers, and It Was a Great Decision!


There is a concept in economics known as comparative advantage. The idea is that we are better off by specializing in the things that we are good at, and trading with others for the things that they are good at. We’re all better off as a result. It doesn’t even matter if one person is better than… [Read More]

Invest Wisely in Protecting Your Most Precious Data: How to Back Up Your Stuff to the Cloud


Why should I backup to the cloud? More and more, our lives are moving into the digital world. Many of our photos, documents, and other important things exist only in a digital form. On one hand this is pretty amazing: It is much easier to share and preserve our information than ever before. We can easily… [Read More]

Five Personal Finance, Economic and Life Lessons Learned from “The Lion King”


My girlfriend recently treated me to a live performance of The Lion King Broadway Musical. I’m not usually big on watching musicals, but I loved the movie and the musical did not disappoint. The Lion King is a moving story about love, loss, and the circle of life. It follows the life of a young… [Read More]