Interview at Money Cactus


I was interviewed by Shaun at Money Cactus today. The interview contains some interesting facts and trivia that you may not have known about me, such as… “What is the worst financial mistake you have ever made?” “Something that people that currently read your blog may not know about you?” “What is the best piece… [Read More]

Interview at Thrift Culture Now: Thinking & Planning Ahead for a Brighter Financial Future


I was recently interviewed by over at Thrift Culture Now. In the interview, I talk about my motivations behind blogging, saving, as well as my thoughts towards the future. An excerpt from the interview: “Kevin is a fairly recent university graduate who works in software development and spends his spare time learning and writing about… [Read More]

Meet Andrew Hallam: The Millionaire Teacher


I am pleased to have the honor of having Andrew Hallam with us today for an interview. Andrew is a highly respected investor currently living in Singapore, where he works as an English teacher at Singapore American School, and writes freelance finance articles.  Nominated a finalist for two Canadian National Publishing Awards, his writing has appeared… [Read More]