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[We recently experienced a complete data loss on Invest It Wisely, wiping out our posts and recent comments; we apologize if your comment was lost, and also for the multiple reposts! Thankfully, Code Garage and WP-DBManager saved our butts and we were able to recover data from February 1st. If you run a WordPress site […]

20 Comments Kevin on Feb 3rd 2013

Welcome to December, everyone! As we draw nearer to Christmas, the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, and the snow starts to stick to the ground. In some ways, the lengthening nights can be a bit depressing, as it starts to get dark before 4 p.m. However, I’m also reminded of warm, delicious […]

20 Comments Kevin on Dec 18th 2012

The following is the first staff post by Shondell from Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap. Please join me in welcoming her to the site! I have done the 7-3, 8-4 and 9-5 over the course of my career. Working 9-5 seems to be the standard for which most people refer to a 8 […]

12 Comments Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap on Sep 28th 2012

The following is the first staff post by Jessica Streit from The Debt Princess. Please join me in welcoming her to the site! High schools across the country are graded based on test scores, graduation rates and the number of those graduates who go on to college. Students are being bombarded with propaganda pushing them […]

16 Comments Jessica Streit on Sep 24th 2012

The following is the first post by staff writer Crystal Stemberger. Please join me in welcoming her to the site! Entrepreneurship is all the rage online right now. It’s either being proclaimed the future for everyone or a sneaky goal that can bite you in the butt. No matter what your opinion, the fact is […]

24 Comments Budgeting in the Fun Stuff on Sep 17th 2012

Status Report I’m now in the eighth month of entrepreneurship – my, how time flies by! Much has improved over the past few months, and at the same time, I have also sobered up a bit to my new reality. It’s been three months since the last report;  I’m sure you’re all curious as to how […]

20 Comments Kevin on Sep 7th 2012

The following is a staff post by Melissa Batai. Please join me in welcoming her to the site! Attending conferences in your professional field is essential. While you will likely learn valuable information and new strategies and tips from the sessions you attend, there can be even more value outside the sessions. Conferences can offer your […]

31 Comments Melissa Batai on Aug 21st 2012

I don’t usually watch much sports, but when I do, I make it the Olympics. There’s something so compelling about watching people come from all over the world to compete in a variety of sports, and to see the success, heart break, and story around each and every athlete. Here are just some of the […]

32 Comments Kevin on Aug 14th 2012

I’ve always had fun looking at the income reports of others, as it’s so interesting to learn how people are doing, how successful they are, and where there is money to be made. On the other hand, can income reports be a dangerous thing? Is it like walking down the streets in your underwear — […]

49 Comments Kevin on Jul 10th 2012

What is “zen personal finance”? Is it a new-age thing? Is it a type of meditation? Is it a new way of looking at our personal finances? It might be none of those things, or it might be all of those things and more! Now that I’ve been out on my own for a while, […]

27 Comments Kevin on Jun 27th 2012

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