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While the financial struggle is an everlasting battle for all of us, some seem to cope better than the others. We all have our own secret weapons in this struggle to make ends meet. And yet, as surprising as it sounds, one of the leading causes of insolvency is medical debt. For example, in Australia, […]

1 Comment Mich on Jun 17th 2013

Shopping for delicious food is extremely easy given the wide array of choices available to us. Today’s grocery stores are chocked full of tasty treats, snacks, and meals. However, selecting unhealthy options is far too easy, even when we think we are buying health foods. Our full schedules and rushed lives makes it difficult to […]

10 Comments Jessica Streit on May 16th 2013

Hoping with crossed fingers that the check you wrote doesn’t come through your account before you can make a deposit. Driving your car until its comfortably on “E” and hoping you can get to work just one more time before you have the money to fill up. Eating stale crackers and a 2 year old can of […]

27 Comments Jessica Streit on Apr 22nd 2013

In my last post about our aim for financial freedom by age 50, I quickly mentioned my transition to self-employment.  It was a bit sudden in the big scheme of things. Our Jump to Self-Employment I started my last day job right out of college in June 2005 and expected to work for 30 years […]

18 Comments Budgeting in the Fun Stuff on Mar 4th 2013

The role money plays in a relationship is so important that often times couples overlook having the discussion about money. I mean, how do you know when the right time to discuss money is? Do you tell him on the first date that you declared bankruptcy last year, or do you wait until there is […]

22 Comments Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap on Feb 26th 2013

The much talked about and dreaded US fiscal cliff ended with a tax deal and without causing much damage to the financial system. There are sighs of relief all around that the US economy is on the right course to a full recovery. This doesn’t mean you should be complacent about your own personal finances, […]

16 Comments Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap on Feb 18th 2013

The goal of every parent is to raise a happy, healthy child. We all want them to be as active as possible, eat the healthiest of foods and become comfortable in social situations. How do we ensure that our children are eating enough vegetables? How do we make sure they are spending enough quality time […]

24 Comments Jessica Streit on Jan 28th 2013

The following is the first staff post by Jessica Streit from The Debt Princess. Please join me in welcoming her to the site! High schools across the country are graded based on test scores, graduation rates and the number of those graduates who go on to college. Students are being bombarded with propaganda pushing them […]

16 Comments Jessica Streit on Sep 24th 2012

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in certain situations? Maybe you spend too much time worrying about your debt and making ends meet? Or perhaps you are feeling at unease in your current job and looking for a way out? These feelings can be uncomfortable, but I also believe that they are perfectly normal. When we […]

26 Comments Kevin on Feb 1st 2012

The benefits of working as a teen Not too long ago, a reader asked me about making money as a teen. It’s becoming harder and harder for young people to get jobs to gain experience and earn spending money for today and for the future. If you’re a teen, how do you get money to […]

31 Comments Kevin on Jan 30th 2012

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