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Speeding tickets. Late fees. Credit card interest. Overdraft fees. All of these are fees that no one should pay. They result from being careless, disorganized, impulsive or distracted. These fees you should definitely never pay and if you do, well there’s a name for those fees. Dave Ramsey coined the term, “stupid tax,” just for […]

25 Comments Jessica Streit on May 27th 2013

Hoping with crossed fingers that the check you wrote doesn’t come through your account before you can make a deposit. Driving your car until its comfortably on “E” and hoping you can get to work just one more time before you have the money to fill up. Eating stale crackers and a 2 year old can of […]

27 Comments Jessica Streit on Apr 22nd 2013

The role money plays in a relationship is so important that often times couples overlook having the discussion about money. I mean, how do you know when the right time to discuss money is? Do you tell him on the first date that you declared bankruptcy last year, or do you wait until there is […]

22 Comments Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap on Feb 26th 2013

[We recently experienced a complete data loss on Invest It Wisely, wiping out our posts and recent comments; we apologize if your comment was lost, and also for the multiple reposts! Thankfully, Code Garage and WP-DBManager saved our butts and we were able to recover data from February 1st. If you run a WordPress site […]

20 Comments Kevin on Feb 3rd 2013

The goal of every parent is to raise a happy, healthy child. We all want them to be as active as possible, eat the healthiest of foods and become comfortable in social situations. How do we ensure that our children are eating enough vegetables? How do we make sure they are spending enough quality time […]

24 Comments Jessica Streit on Jan 28th 2013

The following is a staff post by SB. Harsh economic times have resulted in varied sectors resorting to even tougher measures in order to acquire the right expertise to propel their ventures to desired heights. Recruitment processes have therefore been tightened to only facilitate the acquisition of none other than those deserving the task in […]

20 Comments SB on Jan 16th 2013

So, if the world hasn’t ended and this post goes live… Happy Holidays! We at Invest It Wisely wish you and your families the best for 2013, a new year for hope, change, and love. Let your true colors shine, and be sovereign in your life and all that you do. Sincerely, Kevin & Mich Invest […]

15 Comments Kevin on Dec 21st 2012

The following staff post is by Jessica Streit. In an economy such as what the United States is currently going through it can be very easy to see greener grass in other cities. In fact, in a 2010 survey, it was found that nearly 25% of people looking for employment have considered relocating to an […]

23 Comments Jessica Streit on Nov 26th 2012

The following is a staff post by Crystal Stemberger. Financial freedom has been my ultimate goal since I started college in 2001. That was when I thought I’d be working in a white collar cubicle for 30-35 years, and be able to fall back on a nice pension when I decided to retire. By the […]

33 Comments Budgeting in the Fun Stuff on Nov 12th 2012

The following is the first staff post by SB; please join me in welcoming him to the site! Poverty is not only a state of being; it is a state of the mind. You are poor because you want to be poor, not because your parents were poor, or because you were born into a […]

31 Comments SB on Oct 1st 2012

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