How to Change your PC on a Budget

upgrading pc box

Technology and software is continuously evolving, with new, stronger components being launched each year, and new, resource hungry software being built to make use of the increased computing power. This means that personal computers become obsolete quite fast, forcing their owners to replace them or upgrade them quite often. To have an up-to date PC,… [Read More]

Buy Low, Sell High: CFD Trading

cfd trading

Investment is a part of the life of every financially savvy adult. But lots of grown up persons are nonetheless spooked by investment. We tend to fear that which we don’t understand. This explains why a lot of people are terrified to risk any of their money on investment. But investment, at its core, is… [Read More]

The Three Musketeers of a Healthy Body

body in shape

When it comes to health, you need to be on top of three things to get optimum results: diet, exercise and sleep. You won’t achieve your health goals if you neglect one, because they’re all dependent on each other. You need exercise to build muscle and burn fat. A healthy diet feeds your body the… [Read More]

Trading The Forex Market

forex market gears

Traditionally, the Forex market (foreign exchange market) has always been exclusive to banks and major financial institutions. That was  until about a decade ago when the internet made it available to individual Forex traders. The Forex market is highly liquid with a daily turnover exceeding $4 trillion, by far the biggest financial market. The market… [Read More]