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One could be forgiven for presuming that patent wars have reached their peak in 21st century super-technology disputes, commonly referred to as “the smart phone wars”. However, a historical examination of patent wars reveals a very different, and somewhat surprising, picture. Understanding patent wars to include their litigatious element, as “battles between companies or individuals [...]

4 Comments Mich on Aug 19th 2013

Speeding tickets. Late fees. Credit card interest. Overdraft fees. All of these are fees that no one should pay. They result from being careless, disorganized, impulsive or distracted. These fees you should definitely never pay and if you do, well there’s a name for those fees. Dave Ramsey coined the term, “stupid tax,” just for [...]

25 Comments Jessica Streit on May 27th 2013

Hoping with crossed fingers that the check you wrote doesn’t come through your account before you can make a deposit. Driving your car until its comfortably on “E” and hoping you can get to work just one more time before you have the money to fill up. Eating stale crackers and a 2 year old can of [...]

27 Comments Jessica Streit on Apr 22nd 2013

Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme and Mr. Money Mustache from Mr. Money Mustache have recently been talking about the “Internet retirement police”, self-appointed folk who call out bloggers for calling themselves retired, when, according to these people, their lifestyle doesn’t fit into the pre-approved notions of what they consider to be “early retirement”, or just plain ol’ “retirement” in [...]

24 Comments Kevin on Mar 11th 2013

The role money plays in a relationship is so important that often times couples overlook having the discussion about money. I mean, how do you know when the right time to discuss money is? Do you tell him on the first date that you declared bankruptcy last year, or do you wait until there is [...]

22 Comments Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap on Feb 26th 2013

Debt Relief Orders were only introduced as recently as 2009. And yet, they have already firmly established themselves as an efficient alternative to the time-consuming, expensive, complicated and psychologically wearing procedure of a traditional bankruptcy.

4 Comments Guest on Feb 15th 2013

Happy February, everyone! The cold of winter carries on, with some parts of Canada and the US shutdown by a recent heavy dumping of snow. This brings back memories of snow days, when school would be cancelled because there was no way of getting there! Winter was one of my favourite seasons as a kid, because you [...]

5 Comments Kevin on Feb 10th 2013

Protecting your home not only covers your material possessions, it covers what you hold dear the most, your family. That’s why it is extremely important to feel safe at home, the peace of mind is priceless. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of thefts and break-ins one shouldn’t take anything for granted.You should play an active part in providing protection to your [...]

3 Comments Guest on Feb 8th 2013

[We recently experienced a complete data loss on Invest It Wisely, wiping out our posts and recent comments; we apologize if your comment was lost, and also for the multiple reposts! Thankfully, Code Garage and WP-DBManager saved our butts and we were able to recover data from February 1st. If you run a WordPress site [...]

20 Comments Kevin on Feb 3rd 2013

Insurance scams can occur on both sides of the fence, with insurance providers and insured parties both trying to con their way into more money. If you are looking to invest in a new insurance policy, there are a few things you should be aware of. Fake Insurance Companies While most of us know the [...]

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