Trading The Forex Market

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Traditionally, the Forex market (foreign exchange market) has always been exclusive to banks and major financial institutions. That was  until about a decade ago when the internet made it available to individual Forex traders. The Forex market is highly liquid with a daily turnover exceeding $4 trillion, by far the biggest financial market. The market… [Read More]

FXCM Forex Review

forex currency trading

Trading currencies, also known as forex, has become wildly popular recently. As a result, there are many brokers for you to choose from. Of course, this means there are some good brokers, some average brokers, and some brokers that you want to completely steer clear of. Today, I am going to talk to you about… [Read More]

How To Pick a Forex Broker

Choosing a forex broker that best suits your needs as a trader is not that difficult if you take a few tips in consideration. These tips represent a number of questions you need to answer in order to narrow down your choices before you make that decision to sign up. Regulation Before comparing broker pricing… [Read More]

Where to Invest?

where to invest

Investing is an important way to build savings for the future. Investing is not always simple. There are many things to consider when trying to maximize returns and reduce risk like an international money transfer while oversees. Several tips will help you to start investing after graduating or after getting a first job. Contribute To… [Read More]