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Irresponsible and unmindful spending leads to debt. Nowadays, people prefer to use their credit cards in purchasing instead of cash. Because of this, they tend to overspend and abuse the purchasing power their credit cards hold. Only when this unconscious habit has been translated into accumulated credit card notification letters do they realize their overindulgences. […]

2 Comments Guest on Nov 2nd 2013

Debt Relief Orders were only introduced as recently as 2009. And yet, they have already firmly established themselves as an efficient alternative to the time-consuming, expensive, complicated and psychologically wearing procedure of a traditional bankruptcy.

4 Comments Guest on Feb 15th 2013

Happy Canada Day! The weather is good, though I feel for those lower down on the east coast. Thunderstorms and temperatures of 40°C, before humidity? Stay safe, guys! Here are my most recent posts of the past couple of weeks: Zen Personal Finance: My Philosphy, and What It Means to Invest It Wisely How Much […]

8 Comments Kevin on Jul 1st 2012

This is a post by David Bakke, father of a young son, and contributor for Money Crashers Personal Finance, a blog focused on sharing tips on money management, investing, retirement, and more. My parents did their best to make sure that I knew the value of a dollar and how to spend my money wisely. […]

22 Comments Guest on May 24th 2012

The road to financial independence isn’t always smooth and straight. There can be stumbling blocks along the way, and it’s also possible to end up on the road to financial despair. How do you know if you are on the right road? What are the three stages of financial despair? Neutral stage The neutral stage […]

23 Comments Kevin on Dec 5th 2011

The following is a guest post by Frank Collins. Most people run into financial difficulty at one time or another, when the money they have just does not stretch far enough to pay for all of the bills and expenses. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for these difficult times to snowball especially during more difficult […]

17 Comments Guest on Sep 1st 2011

The price of gold has recently been shooting through the roof. As of the time of this writing gold is hovering near $1870. It seems like only a short while ago when I was wondering if $1500 was near. What’s going on with the price of gold? Is this the beginning of a mania phase […]

29 Comments Kevin on Aug 22nd 2011

Me: Baby, how much should I save, and why? Her: How much? A lot. Why? To make me happy. We each have our own reasons for saving… what are yours? How much should I save, and why? Before we can answer this question, we need to ask another question: What is my time preference? In […]

44 Comments Kevin on Aug 17th 2011

I have often heard the phrase “debt = slavery”; when we are in debt, our lives are basically owned by our creditors, our employers, the government, and anyone else whose assistance and support we rely upon. If debt is slavery, then what is freedom? If we have no debt, are we truly free? When I was […]

61 Comments Kevin on Jul 13th 2011

The following is a guest post. In the mission to attain financial independence, you must consider every aspect and road to your goal. You have constantly evaluate your financial position, and any adjustments you need to make along the way. The trick is to be dedicated to your goal as well as remain flexible to […]

17 Comments Guest on Jul 10th 2011

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