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Happy February, everyone! The cold of winter carries on, with some parts of Canada and the US shutdown by a recent heavy dumping of snow. This brings back memories of snow days, when school would be cancelled because there was no way of getting there! Winter was one of my favourite seasons as a kid, because you […]

5 Comments Kevin on Feb 10th 2013

Happy New Year’s Eve! Here are some of the posts that you might have missed: Happy Holidays How to Fight the Blues This Winter by Giving to the Causes That You Believe In How to Host a Christmas Party on a Budget 3 Low Cost Ways to Grow Your Small Business Have a safe New […]

8 Comments Kevin on Dec 31st 2012

Welcome to another monthly wrapup! Another month has come and gone, snow is starting to fall, and my journey has come a long way since I quit my job nearly a year ago. Some of you are curious to know more about the emotional side of things, in taking the leap of faith and in […]

4 Comments Kevin on Nov 30th 2012

Welcome to a haunted carnival of carnivals, rise of the machines edition! As a mobile software developer, I always marvel at just how powerful these small devices have become, and how much they have woven themselves into our lives. I wonder how us Canadians and our American friends to the south are going to keep […]

6 Comments Kevin on Oct 26th 2012

I hope that everyone’s been enjoying a good and happy Labour Day weekend! It’s been a good one for me, as the weather has been good and I’ve been more active lately, we did some apple picking, and just been enjoying the rest of the summer. One thing keeping me busy is helping my grandmother […]

28 Comments Kevin on Sep 2nd 2012

Olympics, genetic engineering and the future So the Olympics is here again! My girlfriend is enamored with the divers and swimmers, and after seeing their physiques, I can see why! The scandals have also started, with accusations of drug usage and heightened emotions as countries vie for the gold medal. I admire the high points of […]

17 Comments Kevin on Jul 31st 2012

Hope that everyone is enjoying the heat, though looks like there might be a bit too much of it, with the current drought in the U.S. Here are some recent posts that you may have missed: What’s Up With All the Life Insurance Choices? Are People Shooting Themselves in the Foot With Income Reports? Carnival […]

15 Comments Kevin on Jul 16th 2012

Welcome to the July 6, 2012 Edition #244 of the Carnival of Financial Planning, hosted at Invest It Wisely. The Carnival of Financial Planning takes a long-term view of personal financial planning for individuals and families. We focus on efficient and sustainable personal financial planning practices that can lead to lifetime financial security. This edition is […]

17 Comments Guest on Jul 6th 2012

Happy Canada Day! The weather is good, though I feel for those lower down on the east coast. Thunderstorms and temperatures of 40°C, before humidity? Stay safe, guys! Here are my most recent posts of the past couple of weeks: Zen Personal Finance: My Philosphy, and What It Means to Invest It Wisely How Much […]

8 Comments Kevin on Jul 1st 2012

It’s summer, the air’s warm, the nights are cool, protests are going on… it’s a Canadian summer. Up here in the Great White North, we just passed a huge omnibus budget bill. Before we go on, please consider voting for me in the Top Canadian Investing Blogs. Thanks! Stand up, sit down, repeat: What to […]

12 Comments Kevin on Jun 16th 2012

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