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Welcome to December, everyone! As we draw nearer to Christmas, the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, and the snow starts to stick to the ground. In some ways, the lengthening nights can be a bit depressing, as it starts to get dark before 4 p.m. However, I’m also reminded of warm, delicious […]

20 Comments Kevin on Dec 18th 2012

It’s now December, and Christmas is slowly drawing nearer. A holiday spirit is starting to fill the air, and it will soon be the holidays. I have personally just finished my last exam, so I feel more relaxed than I did last week! I will have vacations from work starting in two weeks, and then […]

122 Comments Kevin on Dec 2nd 2011

What originally was a bad situation in Japan early Friday morning became a lot worse when a wall of seawater spread inland, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Japan is located on the ring of fire so while they are somewhat prepared for earthquakes and tsunamis, they are not immune and the damages are probably […]

17 Comments Kevin on Mar 15th 2011

I’ve been reading the Yakezie scholarship essays recently, and I have to say that while I have enjoyed all of the essays that I have read so far, there are a few that have touched me personally and have left me spending some time thinking and self-reflecting about life in general. To me, that’s the […]

23 Comments Kevin on Dec 28th 2010

The Yakezie has recently launched a new scholarship program! Alan Dunn of along with many Yakezie members have all kindly decided to sponsor the scholarship program, and you can also head over to the Yakezie to support the program and donate. How to donate There are currently two options: Head to’s donate page. […]

13 Comments Kevin on Nov 22nd 2010

Robert Murphy, an economist, teacher, and author who is a member of the Mises Institute, has challenged Paul Krugman to a debate on the Keynesian versus Austrian business cycle theory. Since Paul Krugman, a nobel laureate and top Keynesian, has refused to engage in open debate with the Austrian school until now, Robert has decided […]

25 Comments Kevin on Oct 28th 2010

My very first guest post is now up at Christian Common Cents! The post started out as a discussion between Joe Plemon and me on his post “Four Lessons From Some Wealthy Beggars“, and eventually turned out into a short story on the difference between volunteerism and forced giving. Please pay Christian Common Cents a […]

4 Comments Kevin on Aug 19th 2010

It’s the middle of the summer, it’s hot, and the longest day of the year is coming in just a couple of days! Here are some interesting links of the week:

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Here is your weekend reading:

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