Wisdom Distilled from the Top: A Yakezie Carnival

Mansfield Panorama Summit. Source: Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mansfield-panorama-summit.jpg

I recently went for a three day hiking and camping trip with my girlfriend to the mountains of New England. It was a fun adventure, though it was quite exhausting. We hiked the long trail of Mt. Mansfield all the way to the summit and then back down in the same day, and in the pouring rain, too. It was quite an adventure to climb all the way to the top and reach the summit; we spent some of the time walking up waterfalls and getting wet, and then made our way to the chin. The summit was enveloped in clouds, which occasionally parted way to expose the valley below. It felt mystical, peaceful, and serene.

Mount Mansfield. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:5chin.jpgThe rain started as we neared the summit, and on the way back down, it built up into a heavy downpour. We were glad that we had brought ponchos. We are by no means experienced hikers at all, so even though we took the moderate trail, it was more than challenging enough for us.

As in life, the fun and adventure is all about the journey. If we could just ride a cable car to the summit, it would be interesting, too, but it wouldn’t be quite the same experience at all.

Another journey which I’ve had the good opportunity to share in is the Yakezie Challenge. Started by the Financial Samurai, the challenge has grown to encompass nearly 100 members. I have enjoyed the journey along the way, and I’ve enjoyed reading the thoughtful posts of my fellow Yakeziers, and learning from their wisdom and advice.

Today’s carnival was originally slated to be hosted by Frugal Zeitgeist, but due to time constraints, he offered me the opportunity to host today’s carnival in his stead. I am pleased to be given the honour, but I must apologize in advance for not making the announcement and soliciting submissions to today’s carnival. I was too busy getting soaked to be able to do that 😉 Instead, I have highlighted some interesting posts that I’ve read from the past couple of weeks. The previous Yakezie Carnival was hosted by Young and Thrifty, and the next carnival is to be hosted by My Journey to Millions.

Without further ado, here they are:

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance: Use Stress to Become Successful
When something is wearing you down or setting you back, how you choose to deal with it can greatly impact on your success. Barbara shows the advantages of using stress to your advantage by adopting a positive, solution-oriented approach.
Digging Out From Our Mess: A word of advice to you youngins
Things change when you move on from dating to living together and marriage. Mysti shares her personal experiences and advice.
Dividend Monk: 3 Reasons to Sell a Dividend Stock
Matt@Dividend Monk takes a look at 3 good reasons why you would want to sell a dividend stock.
Downturn Living: Eco Fraud Friday: Is It A Vegan Conspiracy?
Do you like to eat meat? Then you might want to check out this post. TJ talks about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of activism, and the conflation of real issues and problems with political and personal agendas.
Eliminate The Muda! – 5S In Action – Organize and Simplify
How are your organization skills? See how to apply the 5S system to reduce clutter and messiness.
Everyday Tips and Thoughts: Thoughts For Thursday: When Was The Last Time…
Everyday Tips and Thoughts shares her special moments with us, and offers some wisdom about ‘last times’.
Financial Bondage: Are you playing the blame game?
Are you stuck in a trap of blaming others for problems that come up, instead of focusing on improving yourself? Financial Bondage offers his opinion and advice on how to get out of this trap.
Financial Samurai: West Coast Living – Yes It Really Is That Much Better!
West cost living versus east coast living: the debate rages on!
Free From Broke: When You Save Are You Really Saving?
Free From Broke looks at the difference between putting money into savings and simply buying something at a discount price.
Frugal Zeitgeist: Cheapest Countries 2010
Where are the cheapest places to vacation and live in these days? Frugal Zeitgeist takes a look.
Little House in the Valley: Who are the Real “Joneses?”
Little House looks into the story behind “keeping up with the Joneses”, and what the Joneses were really like.
Narrow Bridge Adventures: My New Diet and Exercise Routine
Eric over at Narrow Bridge Adventures shares his new diet and exercise routine, which focuses on a couple of main points: Eating good food, and building a lot of muscle!
Out of Debt Again: Total Gym Exercise Manual – Where to Find One
Can you get into shape by using a Total Gym? Mrs. Accountability talks about her progress.
Personal Dividends: Different Types of Careers in Finance – and Their Salaries
Can the financial sector be lucrative for you? Personal Dividends looks at different potential career paths, and their future prospects.
Personal Finance By The Book: GRABBBR Giveaway / Weekly Roundup
Personal Finance By The Book is organizing a massive giveaway: be sure to go and stop by for a chance to win!
sustainablelifeblog.com: The importance of a warranty
Jeff over at sustainablelifeblog.com talks about the importance of warranties, and how they apply to car ownership.
The Wealth Artisan: How To Invest In Water
Is water destined to become privatized? The Wealth Artisan looks at the different ways we can invest in water.
Wealth Informatics: How to plan a cheap summer vacation – 20+ tips to grab the best airline deal!
Wealth Informatics shows how to reduce vacation costs and find good deals when booking a flight.
youngandthrifty.ca: I heart Warren Buffett
Not only is he one of the world’s richest investors, but he is also an active philanthropist and mentor to others. Do you also heart Warren Buffett?

See you all next week!

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  1. says

    Thank You for including Personal Dividends article. Can’t believe you were able to put this together so quickly!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for referencing my “Use stress to become Successful,” article. I’m looking forward to digging in and enjoying the great variety of articles. Best regards, Barb

  3. says

    Thanks for taking over at such short notice, I owe you one!

    Great carnival too. I love Mt Mansfield, the hard path is quick but it’s an absolute killer! It’s basically like climbing meter high steps for 3 miles or something. Vermont rocks :).

  4. says

    What a great carnival! Not only is it cool to see all of our Yakezie kin all rounded up together I got to fishing around here too and I was very impressed. My goal is to totally get Financially Digital to make the next one. Nice work on getting together in a pinch too :)


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