Weekend Reading: Cold Edition

Aiguille de la Tsa 3668m from La Gouille

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Temperatures are going into the minuses… I have a test on Monday, and winter is getting closer. Standing against the cold is the great support, comments, and feedback from everyone… thanks! :)

I also had the good opportunity to meet Forest from Frugal Zeitgeist from the second time now. He’s a pretty cool guy with a lot of interesting stories to share, and if you haven’t visited Frugal Zeitgeist or The Random Forest yet… check them out!

Here is your weekend reading:

Weekend Reading

Thanks for the great comments over the week, and have a great weekend. :)


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  1. says

    @Kevin We’re going to get snow. Although we live down south, I’m from the Midwest and am used to the cold and bad weather. However, it’s going to be “interesting” watching all supermarkets and gas stations go crazy with sudden demand.

    Thank you for including me in your round up.

    Kind Regards!

  2. says

    Really already? It’s pretty cold here too but not into the minuses yet. Apparently this year will be EXTREMELY cold!

    Thanks for the inclusion!

    Happy to hear you met Frugal Zeitgeist! So he’s back from Cairo now?

  3. says

    Getting colder indeed and it was about time frankly since we had some very nice weather this year. Hopefully, a cold winter kicks NG prices up a little bit :)

    Thanks for the mention!

  4. says

    Hey Kevin, as always it was a pleasure to catch up again. Thanks as always for the links too. Hope you have an awesome weekend and good luck on the test.