The Chronicles of Narnia.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, guys! What do YOU have planned?

I will tell you the truth: I get nervous every time around this year, as I wonder what I should do this time around. There is the pressure to not disappoint, and I don’t want to focus on simply buying things because then you can get into the trap of having to spend more and more money each year. ;) I also want to do something a bit different, just so that there is an element of surprise.

However, what I think is important is to show some appreciation for the other person, not just on that day but everyday. Sometimes the simple gestures can become meaningful, and sometimes jewellery is a nice touch!

Last year I talked about 3 Frugal Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day. I believe that these ideas are timeless, and you won’t go wrong  if you decide to try them out. I also want to recommend something else that I have done from time to time (and not just on Valentine’s Day): a weekend trip to a bed & breakfast.

I did this once to a farm B&B a couple of hours out west, and the place was beautifully decorated and very warm. We had a very delicious game meat dinner, and the room was very comfortable and even came with a bottle of champagne. This was a romantic time, and our next trip to a B&B also did not disappoint: this time we went a couple of hours to the east, to a B&B on top of a hill with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

The owner was very cheerful and hospitable, and breakfast was delicious with crepes and fruit. The place had a heated indoor pool, and the surroundings were great because it had started snowing, and everything was frosted with a bit of snow like out of the Chronicles of Narnia. It was a very beautiful time.

I will close this with my thoughts: things come and go, but your memories will be cherished forever. Try something a bit different, and remember all of the good times that you had together, and make it a great Valentine’s Day. :)

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I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. :)

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Kevin has left the office, and he is currently fighting the rat race by working on his own business. He enjoys exploring unvisited places around the world and gaining new experiences. He believes that by properly managing our energy and time, we can learn to invest our lives wisely.

19 Comments Kevin on Feb 13th 2012

19 Responses to “Valentine’s Is Tomorrow: What Are Your Plans?”

  1. I will be watching a high school basketball game. However, I have all my gifts purchased. I always buy candy and lottery tickets for the kids and have them sitting at the table waiting for them when they get up. (Aren’t I a great mom encouraging gambling? They love those scratch off tickets, and I buy them for the kids once a year.) I bought a card for my husband, but not a gift yet. Yikes, it is our 24th Valentines Day!

  2. Nothing special this V-day! My wife and I don’t really spend money on valentines day as like you mention it seems to increase each year and you think you have to out spend the last. Usually a movie and dinner is all that is ever planned.

    • @Ways to Invest Money Movie & dinner is always good. :) I don’t like the idea of the spiral either so I try to mix it up, and celebrate things outside of the standard days, too.

  3. littlehouse2009 says:

    Mr. LH and I really don’t celebrate V-day (I know, we’re so unromantic!) but we’ll probably spend the evening watching a movie. (It also doesn’t help it’s a “work night” – I get up really early on weekdays. :( )

  4. Or you can skip the skype and pretend that you were living in the days before modern technology, and write each other a letter, instead. It will be interesting to see what you guys wrote when you meet up again. ;)

  5. I like this idea! What is the weather like where you live? It is definitely cold enough for a fire up here.

  6. PKamp3 says:

    Flowers and food? It’s our first Valentine’s Day married so anything too big and I’ll have to one-up myself every year subsequently. I mean, I’ll get points just for remembering the favorite flower (irises, of course!).

  7. 101centavos says:

    I think men should just get bonus points for remembering. Having said that, a well written love poem or sentiment on a nice card should be the bare minimum.

    And none of it matters anyway, because the ladies are harsh graders with cast-iron memories. Forget just *one* time, and you’ll know of it for a loooong time … :-)

  8. @101, I think we should get major points for remembering :)

    We had a quiet night in. Just the way we like it. Actually, I cooked dinner….just the way my wife likes it!

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  10. AmoTango says:

    Thank you for the flowers and tasty chocolates :) Quiet day this year, but every year shouldn’t be the same. I like surprises.

  11. During Valentine’s day, my wife was in Bhutan, and this week she’s in India, so I went solo with a short reunion in between. Fortunately, she comes back tomorrow, and next weekend, we’ll take an adventurous trip up the Malaysian coast.

    • Kevin says:

      You guys live in such an awesome part of the world. Is there any room there for software developer and blogger guys like myself? ;)