Romance 101: How to Turn Up the Heat This Valentine’s Day

Roses Rugosa. Source:

Roses Rugosa. Source: Wiki Commons

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away; does that remind you of how sad your romantic life has been? Well, all is not lost, and here’s how you can express your feelings and affection in a special way. All you need is creativity and sincerity to charm your partner back for Valentine’s and every day in the year.

Kick monotony out!

You know it well by know, a new relationship starts out like an adventure, it’s romantic and exciting. Everything is new and there’s so much you’re wondering about. The first kiss, how much he loves you, when are you going to meet again.

But once the relationship is established, there are no more surprises as the routine kicks in. If you want to be romantic like the early days, do things differently. Be spontaneous, surprise your loved one, and the more you do things out of the ordinary, the better!

Your personal touch

Go beyond the typical rose bouquet and dinner with a candle; pick a personal approach preparing something unique. It’s not a secret recipe; it really comes down to thinking of what pleases your partner most. The idea here is to get your partner’s eyes to sparkle. Make him/her feel unique; coming from you makes all the difference.


You don’t need to do complicated stuff to be romantic, spending a ton of money every day is not a requirement. Small gestures are all you need because in the end what you’re doing is showing your significant other how much you care and love them. Be spontaneous, original and do it often. Go beyond “I love you”, and use different formulas to express the same meaning. Send Valentine’s Day cards along with flowers to start and build up to something really personal and meaningful to your loved one.

Simple ideas like:

  • Preparing a romantic bubble bath with rose petals and a glass of wine.
  • Cooking dinner together every now and then, taking on the challenge of a new dish.
  • Picking a Sunday to enjoy breakfast in bed as a couple; forget the routine and all the running that goes on during the week.
  • Bringing home one small, unexpected gift every now and then; it’s the gesture that matters here.
  • Complement each other before leaving to work; a great way to make a lasting impression throughout the day.
  • Keep up your appearances: dress up, let him/her see you at your best. Put on his/her favourite perfume.
  • Send him/her off to work with a surprise love note in his wallet or lunch box.
  • Try a cool new activity together, something new that gets you out of your element.

Be sincere

Your partner will truly feel appreciated if your words reflect your inner feelings. Show them you appreciate having them in your life. We tend to forget sometimes how fragile life is and take our partner for granted. Just think of how lucky you are to be able to see your loved one every day. Remind your partner of that, of how lucky you are to be with him/her and you would be living Valentine’s day every day!

Valentine’s is only a one-time reminder per year, simply not enough to show how much you appreciate your other half. On Valentine’s, you are expected to make an effort in being thoughtful, but being romantic and caring naturally during the year is much more gratifying. It also encourages your partner to act the same and pay you back with the same currency.

Dear reader, we’d love to hear from you as well! Please share with us your ideas for turning up the heat this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. says

    For roughly the last 15 years, I have celebrated Valentine’s Day at home. I usually bring in dinner and get flowers at the supermarket. My wife and I exchange token gifts. Cookies for me and candy for my wife. I light candles and fire up the fireplace. It makes for a very romantic evening for less than $40.

  2. Alex @ Stock Market Mate says

    What tips do you have for all of us who don’t have a significant other? Another Valentine’s Day spent alone.

    • says

      Just ignore that day, sooner or later you’ll meet someone and you’ll be able to relate to the post once routine kicks in…

  3. says

    Valentines Day is a great time to get creative and do something a little different. My husband and I had a chocolate fondue at home and watched a movie. Easy peasy, cheap, and fun!

    • says

      We did something similar, movie plus a tray of cheese and red wine. We really enjoyed our night and this is how it should be, cheap and fun!

  4. Jenny says

    Kicking monotony in the face is very important as in essence all relationships rely on passion. I’ve seen too many of my friends get divorced because they basically got ‘bored’.

    • says

      It’s very hard Jenny, it’s a challenge really because routine sets in sooner or later. Hard to fight it after a long day at work.

  5. Sarah Park says

    Everyday is Valentines Day for me. I want to express my love to partner and to all my loved ones not just this Valentines Day, but everyday of the year.

  6. says

    The cost of any Valentine’s Day preparation rises exponentially the closer we get to the stroke of midnight. The day after Valentine, there is no recovery to the cost of forgetfulness. :-)

    • says

      Reminds me of a comdey clip where a super cheap guy picks a fight with his wife on every valentine’s day to save money :)

  7. Jon says

    It’s all about showing the other people that you care about them, no matter the day. If you do that, the heat will be properly turned up for a great Valentine’s Day!