Weekend Reading: the New Ipad Giveaway Edition, with over $1200 in Prizes to Be Won!

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The heat of last week is gone, the cold has returned, and Canada’s government passed their new budget. I will cover in more detail on Financial God in a post this coming Monday.

So my 2nd blogversary passed by this Thursday, and I’m celebrating with a new iPad giveaway, plus other great prizes! There’s over $1200 in prizes to be given away in all.

Celebrate two years with me, read my thoughts, and enter the giveaway! :)

A great big thank you goes to my very generous sponsors, who kindly helped make this giveaway possible! Here are some great posts that I recommend you go over and read:

Jai Catalano did this very cool feature of Invest It Wisely over at this site: Take A Red Pill & Invest It Wisely.

Here are the recent posts at Invest It Wisely:

Weekend Reading

Editor’s picks
  • 3 Easy Steps to Get Physically and Financially Fit — I just love how health and personal finance is tied together in this post.
  • Take a stand against bullying — I think that bullying is a natural animalistic behavior (animals do it to each other all the time), but why do we let kids behave like animals? Why isn’t it taken more seriously? Worse, what happens when adults become the bullies? What can kids do in that case? I loved this post by Jana.
  • The Yakezie Value Proposition — What makes the Yakezie great? The fact that the Yakezie exists in all of us. The Yakezie isn’t a single website, nor a single person: it’s a code of values which anyone can live by.
Personal Finance

Have a good weekend, all! :)

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      No, you rock for being a generous sponsor and a great fellow blogger! Thanks for helping to make the giveaway possible. :)


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