Weekend Reading: Sopa Edition

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On Wednesday, many large sites around the world blacked out their sites in order to protest SOPA and PIPA, including Wikipedia and Reddit. It was probably the largest Internet blackout ever, and it may have had a bit of an effect as thousands informed their representatives of their displeasure and support has slipped. The fight is not over, though.

Here were the posts of the week:

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, you may also like to read my 3 Frugal Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day.

Weekend Reading

My favorite post at the Yakezie recently was Helping Others Succeed, by Wealth Artisan. I have seen their site evolve over time, and it is looking pretty good these days! There are a lot of great series there as well, and I would recommend that you head over and check it out.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job also had a great post up about stopping SOPA and PIPA.


Yes, I Am Cheap is giving away a bunch of great prizes to celebrate her 3rd blogversary! My Personal Finance Journey is also celebrating his second blogversary, and as a special twist, he is giving away 5% of his blog income, with another 5% going to charity.


Looking for tips on landing that hot job? LaTisha tells us how to write a job getting resume.


Looking for investment ideas in the oil & gas sector? Beating the Index takes a look at Hyperion Exploration and Palliser Oil & Gas.

It can be tough to keep up with inflation, especially in today’s artificially low interest-rate environment.

SPBrunner looks at investment results in 2011 and the last quarter, looking at the TSX and specific picks.

My Own Advisor has posted his favorite takeaways from the MoneySense guide to the perfect portfolio, with a follow-up post.

Rob Bennett on Balance Junkie gives us the Gene Mauch rule for investing success.


Have you ever wondered if Immigrant Workers Are Coming to a Shore Near You to Steal Your Jobs!

Marissa tells us her five ways to raise entrepreneurial kids.

Is it possible to get a side income from snow removal? There’s been less snow than usual here for this time of year, but it’s always possible.

Are New Year’s resolutions a waste of time? Having ongoing goals is also a good way to approach the problem, but the important part is being able to hold yourself accountable. I believe in aiming high to get most of the way there, but the path should also be lined with discrete steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.

Personal Finance

Derek tells us why he didn’t end up going for a new laptop.

Jackie thinks that her husband should buy a Lotus Elise.

What are 5 terrible ways to pay off your debt? I suppose that one way would be to cut up the credit cards and ignore the mail and collection calls that come.

Smart Family Finance talks about how to get your family out of debt.

My Money Design talks to us about how to make budgeting easy with Mint. I have personally been iffy about putting all of my banking info in the hands of a single company, but they have built up a good reputation over time by following secure practices and safety protocols.


We must always be vigilant against threats to our freedom: If This Bill Passes, Say Goodbye to Free Speech on the Internet.

Real Estate

YFS tells us about his old property manager from hell.

Is real estate worth investing in for rental income?


Apple’s new campus looks pretty spectacular.


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Diva In Debt Hosts the #344 Issue of Carnival of Personal Finance
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Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! :)

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