Weekend Reading: Snow Edition

Thick snow.

This year is definitely not looking to be a green Christmas… and that’s great! We’ve already had a couple of heavy snow falls this winter, and the snow is already getting pretty deep. I haven’t been home for the holidays for the past three years, so I’m looking forward to enjoying a snowy Christmas.

Favorable mentions

The Daily Crux sent a horde of traffic to my site when they featured the article “3 Unconventional Investment Moves to Make in 2011” on their investing page. Thanks guys!

Invest It Wisely’s posts of the week


I am currently giving away over $230 in “Skinny on” books; entering is painless and easy, so don’t miss your chance to win a copy!

Bucksome Boomer is also currently running a few gift bash giveways over at her site… check them out!


Happy Heart and Mind recently published “Meaningful Celebrations“. It’s free to download and no registration required!

Weekend Reading

HELOC Portfolio: Mission Accomplished (Beating The Index)
Mich has an interesting post up about using home equity to invest. Although there are risks to using leverage, especially double margins, there are also benefits to having liquidity when the price is right. Take a look to see Mich’s stellar performance so far.
Babci’s Rules of Personal Finance (First Gen American)
Sandy shares some great personal finance rules from her mom, Babci.
Bruschetta (101 Centavos)
101 Centavos shares his favorite bruschetta recipe. I love bruschetta, but I didn’t know that it should be pronounced “broo-skeh-tah” and not “broo-she-tah”. 😉
Caught in the 9th Grade (Yakezie)
Do people deserve second chances? Sam from Financial Samurai shares a story about being caught shoplifting in the 9th grade, and how he learned from the experience. (To answer my own question, I believe that they do.)
Dividing an Inheritance with Siblings (Squirrelers)
What happens when the deceased’s instructions conflict with the official will? What is the fairest way to divide up assets? On top of the stress of mourning the recently passed, one also has to deal with the responsibility of winding down the estate in a fair and responsible manner. Squirrelers shares a story where a note left by the mom conflicted with the official will, and the results that followed.
From $18,403 to $124,514 In A Single Year! (The Financial Blogger)
TFB shares some insights into his recent online successes.
How to Import a Car to Canada (Car Negotiation Coach)
Sustainable Personal Finance has a great guest post up on how to import a car to Canada. Just why are things more expensive in Canada, anyways?
My 12 Biggest Blogging Mistakes (Buy Like Buffett)
Buy Like Buffett shares his 12 biggest blogging mistakes. Definitely useful information if you are a blogger!
Net Worth (MomVesting)
Momvesting has a post up about net worth, how to calculate it, and what it means for you.
Tax Cuts, Unemployment Extended Round Up and Uncommon Money News (Watson Inc)
Roshawn asks us what it’s going to take to lower unemployment, and has a great roundup as well.
Personal Finance

My roundup includes sites that mentioned Invest It Wisely over the past week; thanks for including me, and please let me know if I forgot to mention you!

I am grateful for all of the great commentary, feedback, and mentions that I get from each and every one of you, and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by, and if ever you have any questions or feedback, just let me know!

Videos of the week

The above was first seen here: Lifestyle Shock.

Many more great videos can be found over at The Biz of Life.
I hope you all had a great weekend.

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  1. says

    First, thank for the mention!

    Wow, that’s a very impressive list of readings! Watching that girl age 10 years in 85 seconds was incredible! It’s amazing how the eyes were almost always in the center (maybe photoshop)? It must have taken a long time to put together!

  2. says

    Hello Kevin, thanks for the mention. Hope you’re keeping warm up there with all the nasty white stuff. Today it was 29F and with the wind blowing hard, outside chores were no fun at all.

  3. says

    Thanks for the link Kevin!

    Is that an actual picture of your neighbourhood?? There’s so much snow!!!!

    I heard there was a crazy snowstorm back East (I was trying to withdraw my RRSP home buyers plan and was freaking out because back east, the bank was closed!).

  4. says

    I miss the snow already this year! We had a few spots of rain yesterday and a sand storm so it was raining mud for a short while!

  5. Jim Smith says

    Thanks for the link!
    FYI its too hot here – +30c everyday at the moment. Almost wish it would snow!

  6. says

    @Money Reasons
    Pretty crazy what’s being done with technology these days! I guess it’s only a matter of time before “life logging” becomes more widespread.

    @101 Centavos
    It’s a little chilly these days. It’s 14F outside right now, with a bit of wind and snow blowing.

    @Roshawn @ Watson Inc
    I’m also happy. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post!

    @Financial Samurai, @youngandthrifty
    Haha, by January or so it does look like that in some parts around here.

    @Jim Smith
    Right, it’s summer down there right now? Lucky guys 😉

    Thanks for the great comments and for stopping by! :)

  7. says

    Great roundup! I am one who believes that everyone should have a basic to intermediate education in economics (of course having a graduate degree in economics makes me a little biased). I think studying economics can help one to better evaluate decisions and can help with critical thinking! I actually plan to do a series to that end in January.


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