Weekend Reading: Six-Month Anniversary Edition

Six month birthday. Source: http://www.eldurogis.com/2008_11_01_archive.htmlThis week, my six-month giveaway contest came to a close, and I contacted the winners. I will announce them on the site as soon as I have received a confirmation from everyone.

I had a decent response rate, although a few entries had to be disqualified due to invalid email addresses and similar problems! After all was said and done, there were about 300 valid points (points, not entries), and it turns out that the expected value of each point in the contest was close to a dollar, so each point that you received was worth close to a dollar in terms of prizes! Much better odds than the lottery, don’t you think so? 😉

Here’s what was posted at Invest It Wisely over the last week:


A new personal finance hub, Money Index, has just launched. Yours truly is listed in the Canadian section there. Check it out!

Weekend Reading

Here were my favorite reads of the week:

The International Currency War (Beating The Index)
Mich covers the growing race to the bottom by various countries, as they struggle to keep their currencies from appreciating too strongly against the US Dollar. Several countries, such as Japan, South Korea, have already intervened, and the displeasure voiced by Americans against China’s currency peg is growing ever stronger.
The End of Free Markets: A Great Reason to Buy Stocks (Balance Junkie)
Balance Junkie gives her thoughts on investing in the markets these days, and the signals (or lack thereof) being given.
How To Have a Great Blog Contest (Out of Debt Again)
This post helped me out a lot when I prepared my contest and evaluated the winners. Thanks Mrs. Accountability!
Why Do We Save Anyway? (Watson Inc)
Roshawn helps us to keep things in perspective, and to remember what it is that we’re saving for, and why.
Celebrating the Rich Stealing from the Rich (Andrew Hallam)
Andrew Hallam makes a great case against hedge funds in this exposé.
Do we Incur “Debt” Through our Childhood? (Squirrelers)
Squirrelers asks us a philosophical question about our relationship with our progenitors.
Use What You Can Lose (The Wealth Artisan)
The Wealth Artisan reminds us to bet only with money that we can afford to lose.
Drinking On The Job – What Do You Think? (Everyday Tips and Thoughts)
Is drinking on the job ever acceptable? What do you think?
My Fake Business Would Have These 10 Mistakes Covered 😉 (Budgeting in the Fun Stuff)
Crystal gives us some good advice to take into consideration when thinking about starting up your own business.
How Much is Your Pet Worth? (Personal Finance By The Book)
How much is your pet worth to you? Where do you draw the line when it comes to medical expenses and suffering?
Understanding Happiness, Taxes, and Net Worth (Financial Samurai)
Sam just can’t let go of the idea of a renter’s tax. Is a renter’s tax fair? Is it more just than the present situation? Be sure to head over and join in the discussions.
Home Renters Should Not Pay More Taxes: A Rebuttal On Financial Samurai’s Article (Spruce Up Your Finances)
Here is Ken’s rebuttal.

… and please check out these additional articles that I liked:

Personal Finance

My roundup includes sites that mentioned Invest It Wisely over the past week; thanks for including me, and please let me know if I forgot to mention you!

Video of the week

Have a great weekend, and see you next week.

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  1. Mike says

    Hey Kevin,

    Thank you for including The Wise Buck in the round up! Great posts this week by the way. The one on Google Aps was one of my favorites. Have a great weekend.


  2. says

    Awesome on the contest, sent my prize to the winner now. Thanks for linking my article too and great guest post on BITFS.

  3. says

    @Joe Plemon
    Thanks also for your kind mentions of the site this week! I’m glad that we inspire each other on conversations on different topics.

    @B Simple
    No problem; thanks for the great roundups of roundups!

    @Mrs. Accountability
    Your posts and emails helped me out a lot during the contest, and I appreciate the help! :)

    @Roshawn @ Watson Inc
    No problem; still wishing you would post more often! 😉

    @larry macdonald
    Thanks for the feedback! I hope that the roundups are easier to read in this format, as I alway find a lot of good stuff that I want to link out to each week.

    @Little House, @Myke@In Search of Salt, @Money and Risk, @Mark
    No probs! Thanks for the great articles.

    Thanks, looking forward to more posts!

    @Khaleef @ KNS Financial
    Thanks Khaleef; here’s to a great next 6 months for both of us.

    @Bret @ hope to Prosper
    Thanks for the great mentions as well.

    @Everyday Tips
    Thanks for the very thoughtful articles this week. I always enjoy reading your stories and thoughts, though when it comes to the customer service ones, I’m sorry to hear that people can be so rude, sometimes!

    @Sandy @ yesiamcheap
    Thanks for stopping by! I will stop by and visit you more often.

    Thanks, and thanks again for sponsoring the giveaway. Your help and promotion has helped me out a lot, and it’s always greatly appreciated. I also enjoy the conversations we have from time to time.

    • says

      I originally saw it at Mises.org, and they were discussing how patents can get in the way of all of that. Quite interesting stuff.