Weekend Reading: Riding the Roller Coaster

Source: Beating The Index

It’s been an interesting week so far! Gold and silver may have blown their top… for now. The U.S. Dollar is slowly gaining steam amidst more woes in Europe… it looks like the reserve currency is still kicking! Here are my posts of the week:


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Weekend Reading

Interview with Keith Schaefer the Author Behind the Oil and Gas Investment Bulletin
(Beating The Index)
Mich interviews Keith Schaefer, investor in oil & gas and the author behind The Oil and Gas Investment Bulletin. If you follow oil & gas investing at all, then you won’t want to miss this one.
Budget versus Actual (101 Centavos)
101 Centavos looks at the difference between budgeted expenses and actual expenses.
Chocolate Will Be As Expensive as Caviar in 20 Years (Well Heeled Blog)
Could chocolate really become that expensive? This is a little shocking, to say the least.
Dec 1st Writing Experiment – 12 days of Xmas (First Gen American)
Interested in joining in a writing experiment with First Gen American and some others? Then check this out!
Investing Starter Kit: The Knowledge You Need! (The Passive Income Earner)
The Passive Income Earner shares his investment starter’s kit here!
My Dream Retirement… (Everyday Tips and Thoughts)
Kris talks about her dream retirement.
How to Help Your Spouse See You As A Financial Equal (Momvesting)
In this post, Momvesting talks about looking at looking at finances on equal terms with your partner, together.
How To Overcome Poor Grades And Get A Job (Financial Samurai)
Is it possible to get over poor grades and find a good job? Should you let your prior transgressions drag you down, or can you go past them and move on?
Humungous 2010 property tax bill (Retire By 40)
Retire by 40 talks about his huge property tax bill, as well as paying property taxes in one shot versus giving it to the bank in escrow.
Watch Out for Walmart Credit Cards (Hope To Prosper)
Bret advises us to not get suckered in by high interest rate department store cards.
Personal Finance

My roundup includes sites that mentioned Invest It Wisely over the past week; thanks for including me, and please let me know if I forgot to mention you!

Video of the week

Thanks to The Biz of Life for sharing this.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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