Weekend Reading: Mid-Autumn Festival Edition

The Harvest Moon of September. Source: http://kerrdelune.blogspot.com/2010/09/full-harvest-moon-of-september.html

Source: http://kerrdelune.blogspot.com/2010/09/full-harvest-moon-of-september.html

It was the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节 [Zhōng qiū jié]) on Wednesday this week! I got together with some of my Chinese friends to eat dinner at our host’s home, marvel at the very bright full moon and nearby Jupiter, and eat moon cakes.

In case you missed them, here are my posts of the week:

Weekend Reading

Here were my favorite reads of the week:

Beating the Index: Stock Picks: Perpetual Energy (TSE:PMT)
Beating the Index gives his thoughts on PMT’s future, and why he invests in PMT. If you are interested in commodities and the Canadian oil & gas sector, then you’ll want to give this one a read.
Balance Junkie: Investment Strategies for Biflation
Balance Junkie gives her thoughts on different strategies one can use when investing, in these times of both inflation and deflation.
Hope to Prosper: Memo to Government: Cut Spending
Hope to Prosper gives his thoughts on excessive government spending.
Financial Samurai: Renters Should Pay More Taxes
Financial Samurai tells us why it’s not enough that renters pay rent: maybe they should pay an additional renter’s tax, too!
Personal Finance By The Book: Four Ways a Part Time Job Will Change Your Life Forever
Joe Plemon gives us four different examples of how taking on an additional part-time job can greatly improve your life.
Everyday Tips & Thoughts: What Will Happen When Kids Have To Live In The Real World?
What happens when parents abdicate all sense of responsibility over their kids? All hell breaks loose.
Generation X Finance: The Educated Indentured Servant
Roshawn Watson has a great guest post up on the effects of the ballooning costs of higher education, and the ensuing debt burden that it places on some graduates.
DIY Investor: What is the FOMC
Want to learn more about the Federal Open Market Committee and what they do? DIY Investor gives us an overview.
Wealth Artisan: Making Your Money Into Enough Money
Wealth Artisan talks about ways to avoid temptation and avoid spending your money unnecessarily.
Wealth Informatics: Take this house and shove it
This is a very interesting post on how the tables have turned: Whereas in the past, banks were able to foreclose an entire home over missed payments, now people can shove underwater homes back to the bank and force them to take the loss!

… and please check out these additional articles that I liked:

Personal Finance

My roundup includes sites that mentioned Invest It Wisely over the past week; thanks for including me, and please let me know if I forgot to mention you!

Video of the week

Thanks to Canadian Capitalist for sharing this:

Have a great weekend, and see you next week.
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    Thanks Kevin for the include in this list of awesome articles! I saw the full moon and was struck by how awesome it looked to the point that I stopped my car to show it to my little kids, allowing them time to marvel and wonder. This was really great after their last weekend visit to the planetarium (or as they call it, planet museum).

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    This is a rather overwhelming list. Can’t you just zap it electronically to my brain. Much quicker.

    Between packing the house and preparing for a wedding, I barely have time to read emails. Now you just added more guilt.

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    Thanks a million for including my post in your list.

    I loved the John Boggle interview, especially the part about what we can expect to return from the markets. It’s great to see someone from Wall Street who is talking about what is fair to clients.

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    Hi Kevin, Thanks for including my Secret to Amazing Success Article! (PS can you change my gift card for your giveaway to a $25 Amazon gift certificate?)
    Thanks, Barb

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    @Balance Junkie
    I was also honored by your kind mention on your blog. I enjoyed the article! I found the shot via another blog that had featured an image from http://kerrdelune.blogspot.com/ (It is mentioned in the image title when you hover, too); there are some AMAZING photos there.

    The little things like that are so wondrous to look at from the eyes of a child. They probably appreciated that!

    @Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog
    Thanks, hope you enjoyed the weekend!

    @Roshawn @ Watson Inc
    It was a pretty good post, and it generated a lot of interesting discussion. That’s what I like about your posts.

    @Crystal @ BFS
    You are welcome. :)

    @Dr Dean
    I tried to bring the links down to size, but I couldn’t help it. So I tried to format it in a way that it would still be easy to read. 😉

    @Arjun @ InvestingThesis.com
    Thanks! The draw’s coming up soon!

    @Financial Cents
    Thanks, hope you enjoyed the weekend as well!

    @Money and Risk
    Wait a few more years, and there might be a WordPress plugin for that. 😛

    @The Biz of Life
    I liked the video, as well. I do think that there is a bit too much wealth going Wall Street’s way to be justified.

    You’re welcome!

    @Bret @ hope to Prosper
    No problem; you don’t post very often but when you do, it’s always a thoughtful and enjoyable read.

    @B Simple
    No problem!

    @Doctor Stock
    Yep, I know. I need to put my roundups on a slimfast diet. 😉

    @Myke@In Search of Salt
    Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

    No probs!

    @Barb Friedberg
    No problem Barb, I will go and update it. Thanks again for sponsoring!

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    Been meaning to comment here for a few days….. Thanks for the link.

    The moon night sounds fun. I love just going round someone’s house and eating / chatting. Simple good fun!

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      I hope it’s not in your spam! 😉

      I’ve also had this problem with WordPress, and sometimes, I don’t receive pingbacks, either. I think there is a limit to the pingbacks sent out, and further pingbacks are never sent out unless you manually update the post. It’s a bug that hasn’t yet been fixed…