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    Great rationalization! I am agree with your all point, according to me, if we saving money means that’s directly proportional to fixed rate of return here risk factors not included in both period of time (long term & short term) but when we invest money that means we hoping profit with short term mainly but here risk factors always involved.

  2. Felix Lee says

    I have both savings account and investment. Investing is also a risk that is why I just can’t put everything into investment. But I agree with you the there is higher chance for our money to come back a few times fold when investing it rather than let the money stay on the bank for good.

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    Investments may fluctuate in the short term, but a diversified group of investments such as stocks and bonds will offer you a relatively safe long-term growth strategy. After creating a savings account for a rainy day fund (typically 6 months of expenses), I would not recommend long-term savings. I would recommend deploying your long term capital in diversified investments. The opportunity costs of a savings account are significant when one factors in the unrealized compound interest over time.


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