Weekend Reading, Winter Edition

Happy February, everyone! The cold of winter carries on, with some parts of Canada and the US shutdown by a recent heavy dumping of snow. This brings back memories of snow days, when school would be cancelled because there was no way of getting there! Winter was one of my favourite seasons as a kid, because you… [Read More]

Weekend Reading: Snow & Ice Edition


Apparently it’s one of the coldest winters on record for some areas of Europe and the U.S., but it actually feels pretty normal to me up here in Canada. Most days have been warmer than -10C, and although I am not a person that adores the cold, this winter almost feels warm to me, since… [Read More]

Weekend Reading: Freedom Edition!


This week I celebrate freedom: 我考完试! I’ve finished my exams, and my evenings are wide open once again. I’m not completely satisfied, because I realized that I studied a bit too much of one area and not enough of another when doing the test, and our oral group completely got our asses kicked by the… [Read More]