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[We recently experienced a complete data loss on Invest It Wisely, wiping out our posts and recent comments; we apologize if your comment was lost, and also for the multiple reposts! Thankfully, Code Garage and WP-DBManager saved our butts and we were able to recover data from February 1st. If you run a WordPress site […]

20 Comments Kevin on Feb 3rd 2013

I’m now in my fifth month of entrepreneurship, and things are going well so far. I’m really happy with some areas, and not too happy with some other areas. Well, life is a learning experience, right? First, a summary of what I’m happy with, and where I need to improve things: The good stuff I’m […]

58 Comments Kevin on Jun 11th 2012

Hi everyone, Hope you all’ve been enjoying the summer back home and the improving weather! It’s been a while since I did a wrap and an update, so I want to give you guys a quick update. I know it’s not the weekend, yet, but I wanted to share my news. RECENT POSTS

26 Comments Kevin on Jun 7th 2012

What is your opportunity cost? In my last post in this series, I talked about becoming a freelancer, and some of the things we have to consider. Why would someone become a freelancer? Is it feasible for someone of average means? How much money do you need to survive? Another important point to consider is […]

29 Comments Kevin on Apr 10th 2012

Some of you have been waiting for it, and here it is! I left a sinking ship a couple of months ago, and I have been sailing away in my own direction since then. Has it been easy? Nope. Has it been challenging? Yep. Has it been fun? Hell yes! That’s not to say that […]

65 Comments Kevin on Apr 2nd 2012

A restaurant in a shipping container Ever dreamed of owning your own restaurant? How about a restaurant that you can pack up and take with you across the country, or even across the sea? There is a new type of restaurant platform that has been popping up in different locations around the world, known as […]

10 Comments Kevin on Aug 18th 2010

One day, I want to get out of the rat race; I want to break free of the cage. What does getting out of the rat race mean? The meaning is different for each person, but to me, retirement and getting out of the rat race are synonymous: They both mean freedom from working out […]

64 Comments Kevin on Jul 16th 2010

Another week passes by, and another tens of thousands of barrels of oil gush out into the Gulf of Mexico, adding to what is possibly the U.S.’ worst environmental disaster. With the failure of one attempt to stop the leak after another, pundits are now starting to look at more drastic (and perhaps insane) alternatives, […]

8 Comments Kevin on Jun 6th 2010