Is It Time to Nuke the Spill?

Courtesy Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Saving wildlife, like this bird which was polluted from a 2007 spill in San Francisco Bay, is another factor in cleaning oil spills.


Another week passes by, and another tens of thousands of barrels of oil gush out into the Gulf of Mexico, adding to what is possibly the U.S.’ worst environmental disaster. With the failure of one attempt to stop the leak after another, pundits are now starting to look at more drastic (and perhaps insane) alternatives, such as the following:

Nuclear Explosion


In other news, this is just freaky.

Here is your weekend reading:

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Finally, here is an interesting video about procrastination:

See you all next week.

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  1. says

    I’ve been wondering if there was some way we could get a sub in there and blast the spout shut.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. says

    No doubt the BP oil leak is the U.S.’ worst environmental disaster (ever). The sad part is, the impacts are just starting to be felt….

    Thanks for the mention, keep up your good work Kevin! I’ll try and stop by often.
    Mark (Financial Cents)

  3. MyFinancialObjectives says

    Thanks for the mention. I saw the Sinkhole thing as well and showed it to some coworkers around me at the time. SO WEIRD!

    Again, thanks for the mention!

  4. says


    I was wondering that, too, but I think the reason they haven’t done that is that they’re afraid they’ll blow open the well. If that happens, there’s pretty much no chance they could seal it up again.

    @Financial Cents

    This is going to increase the push for renewable energy and simultaneously change people’s ideas about just exploiting oil anywhere without regard for the environmental consequences. In the long run, these are good pushes. Sure, oil is still relatively cheap now, compared to renewable resources, but the true promise is in tapping the power of the sun directly. There are billions of people modernizing their lifestyles, and if we don’t want the world to be covered in ash like it already is starting to become in China (though here the problem is coal, not oil), we will need to make clean energy affordable.

    @DIY Investor

    It is sad… I’ve heard it said that this gulf disaster is going to be the US version of Chernobyl. Don’t know for sure, but certainly I think support is going to be moving away from oil as a result of this. Now, there are natural oil seepages that are not the fault of humans, but I don’t think any have ever been on this scale.

    @Chris @ FeF

    Yep, it is quite a large spill.


    The sinkhole thing is definitely freaky. Imagine having something like that just open under you… it’s almost like out of a movie. The link was a bit obscure, so here it is for everyone else in case you missed it:

    Thanks for stopping by, guys!

  5. says

    If there was ever a disaster (sadly, but this is how most change happens…reactive) to push towards greener energy sources, this is it. I wonder if the White House sees this wake-up call!?


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