Invest It Wisely: Enter the Six Month Giveaway Contest!

Raffle tickets. Source: to my six month giveaway contest! On September 29th, it will have been six months since Invest It Wisely began. I can’t believe that almost six months have already passed since I started blogging.

It’s been a great six months. I have gotten to know many great readers and fellow bloggers, joined the Yakezie, a great community of finance bloggers, and most importantly, I have enjoyed it every step of the way.

As a thank you to everyone who has helped me, supported me, and given valuable feedback along the way, I’ve decided to throw a six month blog anniversary bash! My site is where it is thanks to you, so I’d like to give something back. The contest is now closed; thank you all for your participation!


First, I want to give a big thank you to my very generous fellow bloggers who have decided to sponsor this event along with me. Thank you very much!

I gave away a bonus prize for promoting these very cool bloggers; please see below for more details!


Main prizes
Bonus prizes
  • BONUS PRIZE #1: $25 Amazon gift certificate.
  • BONUS PRIZE #2: $10 Amazon gift certificate.

How to enter

The contest is now closed; thank you for your participation!

Contest entry details

The contest is now closed. Winning entries will be selected using Winners will be contacted by email. In the case that shipment is not possible or is prohibitively expensive, a prize of equal value will be substituted less any applicable fees. Entries will be verified and winners will be contacted; they will then have one week to respond and to claim their prize. If their prize is not claimed, it will go on to the next person on the list. If you tweet, Twitter accounts must have at least 10 followers. If you link from your blog, blogs must be established and reputable. The links in this post include Amazon affiliate links. Finally, we reserve the right to reject entries that we consider fraudulent, spam, or otherwise as invalid.

Book recommendations

Additional thanks goes to those who recommended books for the giveaway:

Good luck!

The contest is now closed; thank you for your participation!

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  1. shel says

    Just when you think you know everything about finances, you find out you don’t…that’s why I’ve been blog searching for some help and found your site. We’re hoping to move within the next two years but it looks like we’re “underwater” now..I’m hoping for more real estate news, tips, tricks and how-to’s so we can get our finances in order and buy the house of our dreams.

    • says

      I hope to write articles that you find relevant and interesting, shel. There are also a lot of great fellow bloggers in the Yakezie network that have a lot of great tips and advice to share. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. says

    Hey Kevin, congratulations having so much success during your first six months! Thanks for offering these great gifts during your celebration.

    I would like to see more posts about growing income in order to increase the income/expense spread.

  3. Stacey @ Say Something Stacey says

    I love that you’ve combine a great giveaway with great information. Glad I found your site, and glad it’s now in my google reader.


  4. Julie Lutz says

    I love the information on this website. The six month giveaway attracted me and now I’m here to stay. I’ve just become a subscriber but already I’ve learned so much. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and education. I don’t know what I would want more of in the future since I’ve just started reading your blogs but so far its been very helpful. I do wonder what you would suggest for someone on disability to do to save money. Or if its at all possible.


    • says

      Thanks for the feedback, Julie! I imagine that the tips for someone on disability would be the same as for anyone else: Increase income, reduce expenses, and save. The person on disability has a harder road to climb, unfortunately, but many jobs today do not require full use of your limbs. In my job as a computer programmer and my hobby as a blogger, I can’t imagine that I make much use of my legs at all.

      I appreciate your comment, and I will think about what I can write on that topic!

  5. Rose in Ohio says

    I’ve been looking through your archives, and you’ve had a busy six months. I’m impressed by blogs that are tended to regularly, and your content is important and useful. Looking forward to your future posts, and to catching up on what I’ve missed. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    PS I tried to subscribe by email, but the click-on button wouldn’t work—–does it need a repair, or is it just me?

  6. Jes says

    I like the articles in the Growing Your Wealth and Saving Your Money sections. Also like the recommended reading suggestions – will be back to read more!


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