I Need Your Vote For March Money Madness!

Hi everyone,

Whether you’re stopping by Invest It Wisely for the first time, or you have been here since the beginning, welcome! I appreciate every visitor and every comment, and it is you that keeps me going, through the thickness and thinness of blogging. My dream is to get out of the rat race, and I recently made a leap to full-time to help propel me toward this goal.

March Money Madness

I am currently competing in two March Money Madness events! The first is Free Money Finance’s March Money Madness, Round 2. A great guest post from Mathieu BouvilleRetirement Portfolios for Those Drawing an Income, is competing against Crystal’s epic quit post! Please head over and vote for your favorite.

I am also competing in the Yakezie March Madness, organized by Narrow Bridge Finance. I am currently squared off against Sustainable Personal Finance, a formidable and worthy opponent. I need every vote I can get! :) Please head over and vote for your favorite Yakezie!

Thank you very much for the support, and best of luck to all of the participants.

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      Well, I got the idea from you so don’t feel too bad. Your post is deserving, too, so I don’t feel bad about the outcome either way. :)