Snowbirds on Labour Day Weekend

Snowbirds on Labour Day Weekend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope that everyone’s been enjoying a good and happy Labour Day weekend! It’s been a good one for me, as the weather has been good and I’ve been more active lately, we did some apple picking, and just been enjoying the rest of the summer.

One thing keeping me busy is helping my grandmother move. She’s been like a mother to me my whole life, so I try to return as much of the favour as I can, though with all she’s done for me, I can never do too much. This week was the big move, with many memories, boxes, and furniture packed up and ready to go. She decided to move from an apartment in an area for older people to an actual retirement home, with full services, such as a doctor, house keeping, and interior restaurant.

She’s nearly into her 80s, so she’s not as mobile as she used to be. She’s also fiercely independent, so the good thing about this place is that she still has her own apartment, and can do her own cooking, laundry, and so forth, but there’s help there too, if she needs it. I actually haven’t seen her this happy or energetic in quite a long time — maybe lots of physical activity is just as beneficial when we’re older!

All of the box moving, helping her put the new furniture together and so on has been really beneficial for me, too. It’s meant less time in front of the computer, but that’s good for me because now that I work from home, sometimes the extent of my walking is from my bedroom to the bathroom and back! I’m happy to take the break from typing every now and then!

Things with my business have been going well, too. The book is nearing completion, and I’ve done better than I ever would have expected. I’ve been drifting further away from the blog world, and for that, I feel bad, but I think that once I finish the book and I have a bit more time, I can readjust my focus and build synergy again.

The funny thing is that I haven’t been doing freelancers for others, as I’ve been working on building my own products. I now imagine opening my own office and hiring other people, and building something for the long term. I’m not there, yet, but I feel that it’s within my reach. Even if things don’t end up going that way, I feel that I’ve finally come into my own, working on what I’m good at and working on what I love, and for that, I’m grateful.

What else is Labour Day known for?

Back to school! This is the first September in… I don’t know, probably my entire life since infancy, that I’m not enrolled in a class or classes for September. At this point, there’s no way I’d have the time, and I’m looking forward to some breathing space, but it feels strange, too. I’m used to always having some presence in school, as well as feeling a little bit of dread around late August!

How about you guys? What are you grateful for this Labour Day weekend, and what might you be dreading? ;)

On to the weekend reading!




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(I haven’t done a weekend roundup in a while)

Happy Labour Day weekend, all!

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Kevin has left the office, and he is currently fighting the rat race by working on his own business. He enjoys exploring unvisited places around the world and gaining new experiences. He believes that by properly managing our energy and time, we can learn to invest our lives wisely.

28 Comments Kevin on Sep 2nd 2012

28 Responses to “Happy Labour Day Weekend!”

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    So very good of you to help your grandmother with the move.

    I am very eager to learn more about the book!

    Don’t worry about drifting away from the blog, you’ll find the time again and even more importantly, quality is better than quantity. Post what you can, when you can, when the passion and desire is there.

    All the best this long weekend Kevin!

  2. B Simple says:

    Thanks for including my post in your roundup. Hope you enjoy your holiday since you are not in school.

  3. Thanks for the link love! :-)

  4. Shilpan says:

    I’ve never met you Kevin, but I can attest that you have a remarkable character. I am so happy to hear that you’ve finally made on your own. I am also happy to see you spending some time with grandmother by helping her. Way to go my friend. I am so proud to be your friend.

    • Kevin says:

      The feeling is mutual, Shilpan! I’m always impressed with each new post I read on your site; they often make me look at things in a way I haven’t considered before. Keep up the great writing!

  5. krantcents says:

    Thanks for inclusion and hosting, I really appreciate it.

  6. Squirrelers says:

    Thanks for the mention. Also, great to read that you’re helping your grandmother move. I’m very much into the concept of respecting and helping elders who helped us when younger.

    • Kevin says:

      100% agreed with you there, Ray. Sometimes I wonder if the best form of charity we could ever give someone would be to adopt a child? Just thinking about all that some have done for us, and how to pay that forward.

  7. Thanx a ton for including a link over to my site.

  8. Buck Inspire says:

    Thanks for including me. What a huge round up and Happy Labor Day to you too!

  9. I am sure your grandmother is really grateful for your help. I am quite close to my grandmother so I do what I can to help her out often. I think we should all give back to our elders as much as we can.

    Thanks so much for including Daisy’s article this week. I really appreciate it.

  10. I’m impressed by your drive to succeed and I’m so glad it is reaping rewards for you so quickly. I’d think after being burnt out from your other job, you’d want a bit of a break, but it sounds like just having a change of scenery was enough to recharge the batteries.

    Thanks so much for the link.

    • Kevin says:

      I still get slightly burned from time to time even in my current shoes, but the stress is a very different kind of stress — instead of dealing with bosses, deadlines, and so forth, I deal directly with customers, I need to manage my taxes and payroll, and I have a variable salary.

      I still love it and have absolutely no intention of returning to the working world right now. Later on? I don’t know. I’m continuing to build up my skills so that I’d be an asset to any company. There’s so many wildcards. Maybe I get bought out? Maybe I hit more success and expand? Part of what makes it so exciting. ;)

  11. I am glad to hear your business is going well. I think it’s okay to drift to a new area if that’s what brings in the money. ;)

  12. Aaron Hung says:

    Wow that’s a great list, Thanks for the link back :)

  13. Untemplater says:

    Thanks for the mention and a happy belated Labor day! That’s so nice you got to help your grandmother move and that she’s still feeling good and has independence at her age. I sure hope the same will be the case for my parents down the road. My mother isn’t taking the aging process that well and it’s hard to keep her spirits up.

    And congrats on nearing completion of your book! That is a major accomplishment and I’m glad to hear you are really embracing your new career path! – Sydney

    • Kevin says:

      It’s sad to see the hardship that people sometimes go through as they get older, isn’t it? I wonder if we’ll find a ‘cure’ for ageing some day, and what it will mean for society.

  14. Thanks for including my post. I hope you had a great holiday weekend!!!

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