Happy Holidays

So, if the world hasn’t ended and this post goes live…

Happy Holidays! :) We at Invest It Wisely wish you and your families the best for 2013, a new year for hope, change, and love.

Let your true colors shine, and be sovereign in your life and all that you do.


Kevin & Mich

Invest It Wisely

I heard this on the radio recently, and loved the song and the message. Here is the original:

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  1. says

    Happy Holidays and thanks for all the blog support in 2012. I look forward to another fine year of posts and comments with you in 2013 :)

    Take care Kevin and Mich, and keep up the great work on IIW.


  2. Felix Lee says

    A nice song and a nice message. No, the world didn’t end and so life goes on. Happy holidays to you and your families as well, and a great new year ahead!

  3. Sarah Park says

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone! Let us all hope for a more peaceful and fruitful year ahead.