How To Employ Practical Spending To Avoid Debt

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Irresponsible and unmindful spending leads to debt. Nowadays, people prefer to use their credit cards in purchasing instead of cash. Because of this, they tend to overspend and abuse the purchasing power their credit cards hold. Only when this unconscious habit has been translated into accumulated credit card notification letters do they realize their overindulgences…. [Read More]

Our Bid for Financial Freedom by Age 50


The following is a staff post by Crystal Stemberger. Financial freedom has been my ultimate goal since I started college in 2001. That was when I thought I’d be working in a white collar cubicle for 30-35 years, and be able to fall back on a nice pension when I decided to retire. By the… [Read More]

Should I Convert My Variable Rate Mortgage to a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Chart of variable mortgage @ 2.30% versus a fixed rate mortgage @ 2.99%, 4 years, interest payments. Variable rates increase by 100 basis points per year

With recent bank promotions of 2.99% fixed for four years (some even for five years!), there have been a lot of discussions on whether it’s a better deal to go for a fixed-rate or not. What do you think? Better to go for a fixed-rate, or a variable-rate? In this post, I’ll compare both scenarios,… [Read More]

How to Get Out of Student Debt


The following is a guest post from Marissa at Thirty Six Months where she talks about getting rid of her student debt and becoming financially independent. It is very unusual to find a graduate student in their 20’s these days without a mountain of debt, regardless of whether they worked through university or not. I… [Read More]