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I recently received a question from Rachel, a reader here at Invest It Wisely, and with her permission I am publishing the question here so we can get feedback from fellow readers and bloggers. Rachel is concerned about her mom’s retirement. Her mother is self-employed and has no other relatives to lean on other than […]

11 Comments Kevin on Mar 21st 2012

The following is a guest post by Tino, a lottery blogger. The pursuit of happiness. The American dream. It usually involves money. Lots of it. Yep, we associate money with a great life. Do you dream about being rich? I know I do. But, you know what P. Diddy says about money? He says, “mo […]

6 Comments Guest on Feb 17th 2012

This is a guest post from Kris, who likes to write about Personal Finance, Home, Health, and just about anything else at Everyday Tips and Thoughts. I love shopping on the Internet for many different reasons. Besides not having to brave the cold and snow in winter, the internet allows me to comparison shop. I […]

21 Comments Guest on Aug 8th 2011

“This offer is available TODAY only; you’d better hurry while it lasts!” “Normally I would charge much higher than this, but for you only, I’m making you a special offer that you can’t refuse.” “You would be stupid to turn down such a good deal.” Do these slogans sound familiar to you? If so, then […]

33 Comments Kevin on Jun 2nd 2011

This post comes to you from the team of financial bloggers and experts in helping users compare rewards credit card offers. For a lot of people, managing finances isn’t a simple task, but even at its most basic level, personal finance is all about ensuring that you’re making more than what you’re spending, and […]

16 Comments Guest on Feb 8th 2011

The following guest post was written by Michael, who is the founder of Credit Card Forum. Near the end of 2010, the former President of Shell Oil predicted that U.S. gas prices could reach $5 per gallon by 2012. A lot of industry analysts are making similar predictions due to the economic recovery and surging […]

20 Comments Guest on Jan 17th 2011

The following guest post is by Kevin Fleming of CreditShout. Rewards credit cards look like a great deal on paper. Who doesn’t want to earn points for purchases? Who doesn’t want to get money back from their credit card? It all sounds good, and for some people, it is. But the truth behind rewards credit […]

15 Comments Guest on Nov 3rd 2010

What is a back link?  If you have ever worked on your own blog or website, then you are probably familiar with the term.  However, with all of the buzz around SEO (search engine optimization), back links have taken on a somewhat esoteric and confusing tone. In this post, I want to explore what  back […]

31 Comments Kevin on Oct 5th 2010

Enjoying Southeast Asia Last winter, me and the girlfriend went on a one month tour of Southeast Asia. It was a fantastic trip, and the countries we visited were very beautiful; we stopped by Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Taiwan. We took in a lot of sights, ate many different types of food, and took in […]

41 Comments Kevin on Aug 10th 2010

In my last post, I showed how index funds allow you to save more money by losing less of your investment returns to management fees. Here is what different management expense ratio (MER) levels will cost you on an initial $10,000 investment at 10% growth compounded annually:

31 Comments Kevin on Aug 6th 2010

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