Reader Question: Helping a Mother Save for Retirement


I recently received a question from Rachel, a reader here at Invest It Wisely, and with her permission I am publishing the question here so we can get feedback from fellow readers and bloggers. Rachel is concerned about her mom’s retirement. Her mother is self-employed and has no other relatives to lean on other than… [Read More]

Sudden Bankruptcy Syndrome – When You Blow All Your Money Fast


The following is a guest post by Tino, a lottery blogger. The pursuit of happiness. The American dream. It usually involves money. Lots of it. Yep, we associate money with a great life. Do you dream about being rich? I know I do. But, you know what P. Diddy says about money? He says, “mo… [Read More]

Thinking About Hiring Outside Finance Advice?


This post comes to you from the team of financial bloggers and experts in helping users compare rewards credit card offers. For a lot of people, managing finances isn’t a simple task, but even at its most basic level, personal finance is all about ensuring that you’re making more than what you’re spending, and… [Read More]