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Certain purchases in life are inevitable. Without food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities, life gets rather unpleasant rather quickly. However, just because we need certain items and services doesn’t mean we have to overspend on them. And when we overspend on needs and also overspend on wants, one’s financial picture starts looking a bit bleak. […]

Comments Off Mich on Dec 20th 2014

The biggest shopping weekend of the year is creeping closer by the day. While Consumer Reports recommends signing up to receive special offers and alerts by email from your favorite retailers, that alone won’t get you everything you want this holiday season. Take some time to check out the best ways to have a triumphant […]

Comments Off Mich on Nov 14th 2014

Irresponsible and unmindful spending leads to debt. Nowadays, people prefer to use their credit cards in purchasing instead of cash. Because of this, they tend to overspend and abuse the purchasing power their credit cards hold. Only when this unconscious habit has been translated into accumulated credit card notification letters do they realize their overindulgences. […]

2 Comments Guest on Nov 2nd 2013

Speeding tickets. Late fees. Credit card interest. Overdraft fees. All of these are fees that no one should pay. They result from being careless, disorganized, impulsive or distracted. These fees you should definitely never pay and if you do, well there’s a name for those fees. Dave Ramsey coined the term, “stupid tax,” just for […]

25 Comments Jessica Streit on May 27th 2013

The much talked about and dreaded US fiscal cliff ended with a tax deal and without causing much damage to the financial system. There are sighs of relief all around that the US economy is on the right course to a full recovery. This doesn’t mean you should be complacent about your own personal finances, […]

16 Comments Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap on Feb 18th 2013

The following is a staff post by Crystal Stemberger. Financial freedom has been my ultimate goal since I started college in 2001. That was when I thought I’d be working in a white collar cubicle for 30-35 years, and be able to fall back on a nice pension when I decided to retire. By the […]

33 Comments Budgeting in the Fun Stuff on Nov 12th 2012

The following staff post is by Miss T. Do you spend everything you earn? Yes? Then you have something in common with the majority of people. Most people spend every cent of their income and have made no provision for saving. Household saving rates fell below the one percent mark in 2007 in the US […]

40 Comments Miss T on Nov 5th 2012

The following is a staff post by Deacon Hayes. Please join me in welcoming him to the site! When you are running your own business, expenses can really eat away at your bottom line. That is why it crucial to pay attention to how much money is going out every month and figure out ways […]

15 Comments Deacon Hayes on Aug 30th 2012

As you age, there may come a time when you are going to rely on your children for some type of assistance. For most, it is not a question of “if”, but more like “when”. Many times it comes at an unexpected time as well. NPR recently had an article about Preparing For A Future […]

4 Comments Guest on Jul 5th 2012

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