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I was nominated by Everyday Tips and Thoughts to participate in the “7 links project”. What is the 7 links project about? There are seven categories, and we need to answer with a post for each category. You’ll see it all just down below… I hope you enjoy the articles and my answers. Your most beautiful […]

16 Comments Kevin on Aug 15th 2011

… would you give up the Internet? If it were permanent, I don’t think I’d give up the Internet. Here is what I would do, though, assuming that I didn’t lose half of it to tax confiscation right off the bat, which I probably would! These would be my first priorities, in alphabetical order: Business Put […]

38 Comments Kevin on Jul 19th 2011

Wow, just… wow. This election has got to be one of the biggest movers in Canada’s history. The Conservatives finally won the majority that they were looking for, and the Liberals, once the party of Canada, were completely crushed. Canadians simply did not trust Ignatieff. Although Harper finally won a majority, many Canadians don’t like […]

27 Comments Kevin on May 3rd 2011