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Many people invest their money online. They do this because it is easy and it is a safe way to grow your retirement savings. There are many online trading sites that are trustworthy. These online sites are also designed for the average investor. You do not have to be a sophisticated stockbroker to be able [...]

Comments Off Mich on Jul 4th 2014

Times are hard for savers and investors at the moment. Interest rates have been incredibly low for some time now, and people are being punished for looking after their money. However, instead of leaving your capital at the mercy of high street savings accounts, it may be time to invest in a VCT. What is [...]

1 Comment Mich on Apr 9th 2014

The following is a guest post by Totally Money. Did you overspend on the holidays?  If so, don’t despair.  It happens to the best of us at least once, and for some of us, more than once.  If there’s one time when it’s easy to cave into spending peer pressure, it’s the holiday season.  After [...]

1 Comment Guest on Jan 10th 2014

Irresponsible and unmindful spending leads to debt. Nowadays, people prefer to use their credit cards in purchasing instead of cash. Because of this, they tend to overspend and abuse the purchasing power their credit cards hold. Only when this unconscious habit has been translated into accumulated credit card notification letters do they realize their overindulgences. [...]

2 Comments Guest on Nov 2nd 2013

When having plans for future you will always pay attention to your money flow and try to save. Someone begins to think about this question when creating a new family, others start to save being a teenager or only when thinking about their retirement. For this reason it is necessary to observe a few basic [...]

6 Comments Mich on Jun 28th 2013

While the financial struggle is an everlasting battle for all of us, some seem to cope better than the others. We all have our own secret weapons in this struggle to make ends meet. And yet, as surprising as it sounds, one of the leading causes of insolvency is medical debt. For example, in Australia, [...]

1 Comment Mich on Jun 17th 2013

Debt Relief Orders were only introduced as recently as 2009. And yet, they have already firmly established themselves as an efficient alternative to the time-consuming, expensive, complicated and psychologically wearing procedure of a traditional bankruptcy.

4 Comments Guest on Feb 15th 2013

As with every other country in the world, Canadians have to pay tax. It’s not the most interesting subject in the world, but it is one of those unavoidable obligations that we all have to adhere to. So here are a few tips on how you can manage your taxes and make sure you don’t [...]

10 Comments Guest on Jan 20th 2013

The following is a guest post by FINCAR. Did you know that the Disability Rights Commission published a report in 2004, which demonstrated that a staggering 81% of websites that they looked at were inaccessible to disabled people? That was thirteen years ago and yet recent findings make disappointing reading. Despite the change to the [...]

2 Comments Kevin on Jun 17th 2012

This is a post by David Bakke, father of a young son, and contributor for Money Crashers Personal Finance, a blog focused on sharing tips on money management, investing, retirement, and more. My parents did their best to make sure that I knew the value of a dollar and how to spend my money wisely. [...]

22 Comments Guest on May 24th 2012

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