3 Ways to Impress Your Interviewer to Bag the Job

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Harsh economic times have resulted in varied sectors resorting to even tougher measures in order to acquire the right expertise to propel their ventures to desired heights. Recruitment processes have therefore been tightened to only facilitate the acquisition of none other than those deserving the task in question. There are therefore the different solutions being offered by both professionals and quarks on how to bag that desired job that a job seeker may be after.

Education being a major requirement is fundamental thus the basis on which most interviews are pegged on though never accounts for the most part of the interview. Once a job seeker appears for the interview, the question of education is normally surpassed by other factors such as relevant expertise and long term experiences in the field venture being sort from alternative platforms. Below are some three tips for job seekers to be able to bag that coveted opportunity from their respective prospect employers.

1. Having relevant proofs of the areas of specialization

This would be in terms of different types of achievements as well as acquired expertise. This is especially for non-creative jobs that may boost job seekers chances of impressing the interviewer. For the few that may be talented in varied fields, then the proof of portfolio would in a great way be able to not only heighten their respective ratings but also capture the attention of the employer.

This should however not make the job seeker over confidence but instead should be able to keep calm and abide by the requests required of them by the interviewer. He or she should never resort to deviating long explanations when asked to answer questions relevant to their alternative expertise or prowess. If possible, the job seeker should even go further to offer to showcase their expertise or talent to the job being sort voluntarily without expecting any form of payment in return. This would contribute create a good impression on the employee as well as provide a platform through which the job seeker may be able to gain experience and expertise while offering to be of assistance.

2. Be able to point out the mistakes being made by the company

This step would however have to be resorted to if the job seeker either has the immediate solution or a long term solution that can be resorted to. One should never decide to highlight the defaults of the company he or she is seeking a job if they would not be willing or able to offer solutions to the problem. For instance, many firms are cropping up with the varied change of tastes and preferences of the society thus may require certain expertise to propel them towards being an established firm among the competitive best.

If the job seeker may have long term expertise in office equipments such as machineries, then he or she should be able to point out the factor of concern that may have been observed from the market point of view. In the process, the job seeker may resort to offer a solution to the problem or better yet offer his or her prowess towards rectifying the fault at no fees whatsoever. This would in a great way have the best impression on the interviewer who may without hesitation pick the individual in question without any further considerations being resorted to.

3. Self-Confidence

This encompasses many aspects with the most basic being that of appearance. First impressions tend to depict a lot of the job seeker to the interviewer. Depending on the type of job being sort, the interviewer is meant to be appealing in all the aspects that may talk themselves without them having to say anything. Eye contact also says a lot about one if maintained. The job seeker should at all time keep consistent eye contact with his or her interviewer to be able to portray their character as having the required self confidence. It however does not count to only dress sharply and maintain eye contact without eloquent expression skills that are also meant to represent the job seeker and what he or she stands for. If privileged to pose a query, then the job seeker should resort to smart alternatives that will keep the interviewer guessing while in return create an impressive reputation for them on their employer’s part.

These three steps are among the most fundamental that would witness a job seeker not only bag the job being sort, but also gain an impressive reputation held of them by their employers. Another by the way that may also ensure that the three steps are easy to pull off is that of a job seeker being up to date. Information is all over and the better one is able to utilize them, the more advantageous they would prove when need arises.

 What other points would you add dear Readers?

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  1. says

    There certainly needs to be a way to break through all the noise of so many job applicants. Thanks for a timely post!

    • says

      Agree Thad and these extras (like a portfolio) an applicant can bring to the interview can make all the difference.

  2. says

    Whenever I interviewed, I always brought samples of my work! I looked for opportunities to use it in the interview and it always worked very well.

  3. Fred@Foxy Finance says

    Instead of say how the current company is doing something wrong I would opt to say how you can bring something to the table to improve the company. Just so you don’t get on the wrong side of interviewers ego!

    • says

      Fred, great point, it’s not like you’re there to re-engineer the company. It would be a big mistake to give this as your first impression.

  4. says

    I have an interview coming up this week! (Inside my company, but for a promotion, so I’ve gotta prepare!). It’s weird, sometimes, you feel like you kinda had the job already because of your reputation or you were handpicked, or other times, you’re NOT the “leading candidate” and don’t really stand a chance. I think this one’s a stretch, but will give it my best!

    • says

      Good luck with the upcoming interview DM,

      Since you already have a job, you don’t need to stress as much. You got all the upside and almost no downside in case you miss on it.

      Just be your best!

  5. says

    Confidence is Key for sure. I remember walking into a teaching interview. Sitting at a table with 9 principals drilling me with questions. I seemed so confident, but inside I was scared.It was a little like acting. They did call me back, but I had already taken another position. Great tips!


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